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Tipp Oil MotorCycle 10W-40

Tipp Oil MotorCycle 10W-40

TIPP-OIL MotorCycle 4 Stroke 10W-40 is a engine oil for demanding 4-stroke motorbikes. It allows for fuel-saving engine operation and is specifically designed for wet and lubricated couplings. MotorCycle 4 Stroke 10W-40 is characterized by its excellent cold starting properties, as it ensures optimum lubrication reliability during the cold-running phase.
TIPP-OIL MotorCycle 4 Stroke 10W-40 is especially suitable as a high-performance, smooth-running engine oil for all motorcycles, when the specification JASO MA2 T904:2006 SAE 10W-40 is required. MotorCycle 4 Stroke 10W-40 meets the high-tech demands of the latest high-performance engine generation. For professional racing we recommend our racing products.

Manufacturer of the brand Tipp Oil Made in Germany PKW-. Truck engine oils, universal oils for agriculture and construction machinery, two-wheeler engine oils, two-stroke engine oils, gear oils, etc. Our company Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. is active in the manufacture and trading of lubricants and raw materials. TIPP Oil is an independent brand with extensive know-how and an assortment that offers the optimal oil especially for every area of application. Our products are “Made in Germany” and are manufactured by qualified and experienced employees in compliance with recognized and regularly checked quality standards. We have an extensive range of high-performance lubricants and related products of the latest generation. We offer an optimally tailored product for your needs. Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. your partner for quality and service. Tipp Oil serves national and international trading partners and users from various industry segments with its wide range of lubricants. When it comes to lubricants, your expectations should always be high. Tipp Oil is the independent brand in the German lubricant trade. Our various lubricant products guarantee precision and reliability. And that for automotive and industrial uses. Trust is the basis of every business relationship. If you choose Tipp Oil, you are guaranteed to have the right partner at your side.

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