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Tipp Oil Lubricant Manufacturer Breaks Records

Tipp Oil Lubricant Manufacturer Breaks Records

Tipp Oil the manufacturer for high-quality lubricants and convincing quality of all lubricant products,
creates Rebottle with its only deposit system in the world.

And the low level of Co2 pollution caused by the return of empty plastic containers a worldwide sensation.
This is also sustainable in favor of environmental protection
From an entrepreneur’s point of view, Mr.Sebastian Maier says that there has been a significant increase in customer loyalty and sales at Tipp Oil dealers have increased by 70% than in the previous year.

Many dealers who have sold other brands have noticed how unique our quality and deposit system is.

The aim was that every retailer as well as the end user earned money from our products with the rebottle system
Furthermore, thanks to the rebottle circulatory system with the expelled deposit amount (1 liter up to 20 liters), the return of empty containers in practice by the local people has increased by 80% by returning the containers than in the previous year 2020
In general, the demand and order situation has risen enormously in many countries

Hersteller der Marke TIPP Oil – Made in Germany –
PKW. LKW-Motorenöle, Allzwecköle für Land- und Baumaschinen, Zweirad-Motorenöle, Zweitakt-Motorenöle, Getriebeöle usw.

TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd.Co.KG
Anja Klukas
Am Langenkamp 2
59192 Bergkamen
Phone: 023079703275
Fax: 023079703276

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