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The hunt for Rainer von Holst, the Gerlachreport, Osint Group and V999 Coin

The criminal activities of Rainer von Holst, who also calls himself Jan Faber or Dr. Peter Klein and who recently wrote to news agencies that he was a notary and lawyer, which is a deliberate lie and punishable for abuse of title under § 132a StGB (Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany), are entering a new phase.

Currently, the website Gerlachreport.com has been blocked ( https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/gerlachreport.com. html) and even if this website, which is responsible for blackmail and slander and behind which Rainer von Holst is the initiator, should go online again, work is already being done at full speed to ensure that not only the fraud of Gerlachreport comes to an end and is permanently blocked by ICANN, Verisign and other internet supervisory authorities, but also that work is done at full speed to block the website V999.Gold, which is said to be responsible for a gigantic fraud at the expense of investors.
Source: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/gerlachreport.com.html

In this context, lawyers describe Reiner von Holst as the “head of an international gang of extortionists”. Under section U.S.C. § 1326 (8 U.S.C. § 1101 (a) 13, A) illegal residence in the United States of America (USA) is not a simple misdemeanour – it is a criminal offence and not just a simple crime, but a felony. This felony of illegal residence in the USA is punishable by a prison sentence of at least two years, whereas fraud and extortion are punishable in the USA and Europe, as a criminal organisation, by a prison sentence of not less than 10 years.

An article has recently come to light which clearly shows how criminally von Holst and his accomplices apparently act:
Source: http://rusjev.net/2021/06/01/rainer-von-holst-on-the-run-with-investors-karatbars-v999-gold/

The network of Rainer von Holst is said to include corrupt “journalists”, allegedly also the journalist of a German business newspaper, Jakob B., which is why the German public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg is conducting an investigation for several possible punishable offences – file number: 3308 Js 88/21.

The alleged gold-backed V999 Coin, which is offered as a so-called “Security Coin” on the US financial market (for which a state licence is required), including the accompanying financial market manipulations and fraud, behind which the globally wanted German citizen Rainer von Holst is said to be hiding illegally in the United States of America (USA) since 2015.
Source: https://www.test.de/Rainer-von-Holst-Warum-wird-Anlagehai-nicht-ausgeliefert-5594662-0/

Several victims have already fallen for the aforementioned alleged “Gold Coin” V999 ( www.v999.gold) by Rainer von Holst. Here, an “Osint Group” from the USA, which does not even exist as a company, has titled itself as an auditor, although this “Osint Group” is not an auditor, not in the USA and not anywhere else on our planet.
Source: https://v999.gold//documents/v999-platform-white-paper.pdf

Currently, criminal charges are being brought in this connection in several countries, against E-Karat International (which operates the website V999.gold) and against Freebay, including in South Africa, the USA, Europe and Asia, which is why public prosecutors as well as other authorities are investigating persons associated with Rainer von Holst and the fraud model of the “V999 Coin”, in this case namely Tammy Morison (USA) and Nelis van Bergen (Netherlands), who deliberately and actively participated in the sale of the allegedly gold-backed V999 Coin!

The company Karatbars International and its managing director Harald Seiz have also been named by investors in the alleged gold-backed V999 Coin in connection with Rainer von Holst, with the V999 Coin being described by investors as more deliberate than fraudulent.

One thing is certain with the current blocking of Gerlachreport.com and other defamation websites attributed to Rainer von Holst: the days when one could defame with impunity on the Internet are numbered. Currently, all responsible providers and Internet control authorities are being mobilised in such a way that in the long run there will be no possibility for Rainer von Holst and his criminal environment to continue their blackmail on the Internet.

The days of Rainer von Holst in his hiding place are also numbered, because at the same time they are working at full speed to arrest and extradite Rainer von Holst, because the victims in Germany and also especially in the United Arab Emirates wanted to see Rainer von Holst in court and will not give up until they have handed him over to the authorities!

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