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Ronny Kazyska in the German GuG magazine

Frankfurt/Germany. The German expert magazine GuG (Grundstücksmarkt und Grundstückswert) has published in its current issue 6/2022 an expert article by Ronny Kazyska on the valuation of skyscrapers in Germany. The professional journal „Der Immobilienbewerter“ had previously presented contents of the new professional book by Ronny Kazyska with the title „Die Wertermittlung von Wolkenkratzern in internationalen Märkten“ (The valuation of skyscrapers in international markets). The professional contribution in the current issue of GuG 6/2022 focuses in detail on the German market. It contains content not part of the book on the international valuation of skyscrapers.

In the current issue 6/2022 of the professional journal GuG (Grundstücksmarkt und Grundstückswert), Ronny Kazyska deals with the special property skyscrapers with a focus on the German market in an article of several pages. It describes the reasons local city planners should pay more attention to the possible development of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in urban centers in the future. The current stock of towers in Germany is listed, and new developments are named. The opportunities and risks resp. the advantages and disadvantages of skyscraper investments are analyzed. The specifics of the land value determination of skyscrapers with recommendations are shown. The total lifetimes of skyscrapers are viewed from a differentiated perspective from an economic and technical point of view. Recommendations are given for the individual management costs, which include administration and maintenance costs as well as the risk of loss of rent. The special characteristics of the operating costs are explained. A modernization risk is discussed. The rent heights, purchase prices, and multipliers of German skyscrapers are presented. The essay ends with an exemplary valuation of a skyscraper in the international financial metropolis Frankfurt am Main.

A free sample issue of the journal GuG (Grundstücksmarkt und Grundstückswert) can be ordered online at any time from Werner Verlag resp. via Wolters Kluwer.

GuG is Germany’s leading expert journal for valuation and property markets (33rd volume). It contains current information from the real estate industry, papers on special topics, and theoretical and practical issues.

The publishers are MinRat (ret.) Prof. Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Kleiber and Dr. Daniela Schaper.

Wolfgang Kleiber has authored numerous publications and standard works on real estate valuation. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) and taught as a professor at the University of Anhalt. In addition, Kleiber has been a lecturer at several other universities and academies, including the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, the European Business School (EBS) in Oestrich-Winkel, and the Deutsche Immobilien-Akademie (DIA) in Freiburg.

Ronny Kazyska has also provided information on the sustainability of skyscrapers this year.

Interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung / FAZ

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Ronny Kazyska is a broker and valuer of investment properties in Germany. The company focuses on all commercial properties such as office, retail, industrial, special or operator-run properties as well as on residential properties such as apartment complexes, multi-family houses, apartment buildings, or mixed residential and commercial buildings. The head office is in Frankfurt am Main, and the company is active in all major cities in Germany through an excellent investor network. A large number of real estate transactions have already been successfully accompanied. Ronny Kazyska is economically independent and free of third-party interests and thus autonomous of instructions, insurance, and banks. Valuations are carried out according to national and/or international valuation methods.

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