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Josip Heit, GSB Gold Standard Corporation, the success of a financial genius and 40 daily newspapers on all continents

Josip Heit is Chairman of the Bord of the GSB Gold Standard Group and has been attracting media and public attention for years, and not just through major property projects.
Heit’s career has been characterised by visionary leadership, strategic foresight and, above all, an unwavering commitment to financial foresight.

Much of what you can read about Josip Heit worldwide is polarising! For some, Josip Heit is a financially globally successful self-made billionaire who leads an international group of companies in the interests of his employees and partners. For others, the envious, Josip Heit is a clever entertainer or simply a financial genius who always has the right instinct for very lucrative deals at the right time!

What is certain is that Josip Heit has been forging an international media group for years. There will be 40 daily newspapers on all continents by the end of spring 2024; 30 daily newspapers are already operational and are represented on all continents of our globe.

The envious (or „haters“), those who blatantly fabulate about fraud (in modern terms SCAM), will now cry out in horror, because this is exactly what envious people and slanderers fear in their musty parlours in front of their computers, which were obviously only purchased for slander and blackmail, a Josip Heit as a media mogul. For these subjects, there should be nothing worse than a Josip Heit who rules 40 daily newspapers worldwide, because the so-called fourth power in every state is the media, after the legislature, the judiciary and the police.

But who is this Josip Heit really? For more than six years, everyone has been able to read what Heit is doing on the Internet. Heit is no different from other successful corporate leaders such as Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Bernard Arnault. They all have one thing in common: success proves them right in the end, because success is what ultimately separates the envious from the doers.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions on this point in the article, for themselves or for others. When envious people write things on the Internet that are either simply untrue or only reflect their own so-called interpretative sovereignty, without facts, garnished with half-truths and which only serve to „supply“ the „interested“ readers with a „headline“.

Josip Heit’s visions for the future of the globally active GSB Gold Standard Corporation Group are as ambitious as they are pragmatic. Heit plans to further strengthen the company through sustainable practices and the development of new markets, while promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.

„Diversity is the source of true innovation“ is what drives Heit, with himself stating:
„By bringing different perspectives together, we can solve challenges in ways that might not occur to us on our own, because success is no accident.“ It’s about having a vision, clearly defining your goals and then working towards them with passion and perseverance.

Josip Heit may be many things, however you look at it, but he is certainly one thing: financially successful! The final conclusion can therefore only be short and sweet: „Josip Heit is Enigma!“

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Die „MORNING CHRONICLE“ hatte nicht nur eine beeindruckende Vergangenheit, sondern hat sich auch modernen Anforderungen angepasst, indem sie ihre Inhalte online in sechs verschiedenen Sprachen anbietet: Englisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Italienisch und Französisch. Diese sprachliche Vielfalt zeigt, wie die Zeitung sich bemüht, ein breiteres internationales Publikum zu erreichen und über wichtige politische, wirtschaftliche und soziale Themen aus London, dem gesamten Vereinigten Königreich sowie Europa und der Welt zu berichten.
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