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Today, SKVTechnik reports on the various low-voltage motors offered and their international classification standard.

Electric motors have been divided into different efficiency classes in Europe for several years. Then three-phase motors power range between 1.1 and 90 kW (exclusively two- and four-pole motors) divided into three so-called efficiency classes („eff classes“ eff = Efficiency). For global standardization, therefore, the new international standard IEC 60034-30 (Rotating electrical machines – Part 30: Efficiency classes of single-speed, three-phase, cage-induction motors (IE code) was created.
This classifies the low-voltage asynchronous motors into new efficiency classes (valid since Oct. 2008). The efficiencies in IEC 60034-30 are based on the determination of loss according to the standard part IEC 60034-2-1. This has been valid since November 2007 and will replace all previous IEC 60034-2 standards from November 2010. The additional losses are now measured and no longer added pauachally.
The new efficiency classes receive a new nomenclature:
IE1 (Standard Efficiency),
IE2 (High Efficiency),
IE3 (Premium Efficiency),
IE = International Efficiency.

Advantages of efficiency class 1 engine
The lower thermal stress increases the life of the motors
Less waste heat is emitted to the environment
Downtimes and maintenance costs of the systems decrease
The tolerance to overloading; Voltage fluctuations; higher ambient temperatures etc. is improved

The voltages and voltage ranges marked with cRUus are in accordance with UL 507 and CSA 22.2 no. 113 certified.
Machines that meet these requirements are marked with the certification mark cRUus (component recognition mark).
Other certification marks are no longer accepted by consumer authorities and insurance companies in the US and Canada.

SKVTechnik recommends customers today:
The S6-2- 320 m³ / h | 3 kW | +260 mbar | -280 mbar | 3phases | 1129 | E
The S6 builds with the 3 kW engine (cRUus certified) a maximum volume of 320 m³ at a maximum ultimate pressure of 280 mbar. The three-phase motor is approved for the strict energy efficiency guidelines in Canada and the USA and can of course be operated with a frequency converter. The machine weighs 48 kg and can also be purchased as a 4.0kW device, a 5.5kW device and a 7.5kW device.
Customers can read the data prices of this machine here:

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