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„How to Create Innovation“: Digital Leadership publishes the world“s largest library on innovation

Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and 60+ co-authors create end2end-book and method collection

Zurich, Switzerland, 27.09.2022 Until now, publications on the subjects of innovation and digital transformation concentrated only on individual topic areas or themes. Stefan F. Dieffenbacher, the founder of the business consultancy Digital Leadership, decided to change that and to write a comprehensive book on the topic, giving companies a tool to bridge all their silos. The result: The first „end2end“ opus on innovation!

What’s so special about this book? How to Create Innovation is more than just another volume on the shelf. Comprising over 450 pages, it contains the world“s largest collection of working methods and procedures on how organizations can implement innovation and digital transformation. The book is open-source and completely free of charge, which is even more astounding since in the last six years more than 60 co-creators helped to make this compendium a reality.

The Internet and the digital world are, historically speaking, still in their infancy. There are still not enough tools and consistent methods to put to work. A consistent approach is crucial though, as Stefan F. Dieffenbacher explains: „Excellence in single areas is not enough. In the end, everything must fit together: a business model that fulfills a real need, a good product, convincing communication, and efficient workflows. If even a single area is lacking, the whole innovation initiative is bound to fail.“

Thanks to Digital Leadership“s open-source tools and book, the much-discussed question of how to implement innovation holistically in all areas has now been answered.

At their core, those integrated, open-source tools and solid standards make up what Digital Leadership calls „UNITE.“ Accordingly, the book invites its reader as follows: „Let“s UNITE and create a world worth living in!“ Or, as Stefan puts it: „We cannot prevent innovation, but we can openly share formerly privileged knowledge to create the world of tomorrow together.“

It was this mindset that inspired Stefan to found the world“s first open-source business consultancy in 2012, Digital Leadership. While working for 10 years with the world“s leading enterprises–like Amazon, BNP Paribas, T-Mobile, and UBS–Digital Leadership accumulated extensive innovation method expertise, all now freely available to the public.

At present, there are over 50 models, including critical variants, manuals, examples, and print-ready versions available on the website for cost-free download and use.

On How to Create Innovation:

Website and free download of the book:

Facts & figures:

-450+ pages
-50+ tools and models – all ready to use and open-source
-95+ illustrations
-Authors: Stefan F. Dieffenbacher and 60+ co-creators
-6 years in production


Increase investment security: Most innovations fail because companies are unable to determine what customers really need. A lack of grounded methods leads to the creation of lofty ideas without basis in reality. How to Create Innovation points out how to strategically identify important yet unfulfilled customer needs and develop the right solutions, thereby increasing investment security.

How to successfully create innovation: The book shows end2end how to drive innovation initiatives and digital transformation to success: from identifying the right area and the development of a „loveable product“ to testing and growth hacking and much more.

From whiteboard to reality: The book presents integrated and holistically clear methods, from strategy to growth. Implementation being a common problem, the book details how to bridge the infamous gap between strategy and implementation.

Understanding and embodying culture change: Company culture is the most common reason for most innovation and transformation initiatives“ failures. How to Create Innovation may be the first book ever to introduce an integrated approach to culture and identifies the most important challenges for organizations to tackle (supported by tools) to understand and change company cultures.

Innovation of business models: Much has been written in the past about product innovations. Nevertheless, innovation of the business model itself is more sustainable and distinguishing than product innovation. The UNITE Business Model Framework offers a fresh, holistic approach to business model innovation and demonstrates how to systematically create exponential growth.

The right implementation of digital transformation: Digital transformations require successful innovations. How to Create Innovation shows how to integrate, direct, and implement digital transformation, significantly decreasing the likelihood of becoming part of the two-thirds of companies that fail.

About Digital Leadership:

Founded in 2012 by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher, Digital Leadership AG ( is the world“s first open-source business consultancy. The company aims to accelerate the speed of companies“ and organizations“ changes to make them digital market leaders in their respective industries. Based on a unique collection of transformation and innovation methods (called UNITE), Digital Leadership is a thought leader in the consulting industry. The book How to Create Innovation by Stefan F. Dieffenbacher is the result of many years of experience in applying these methods to solving real business problems of enterprises like Amazon, BNP Paribas, T-Mobile, and UBS.

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