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Vayu and 3D Wind AG – Milestones with Theo H. Grepper

3D Wind AG, a leading player in the field of wind turbines with three-dimensional rotor movement, announces that the company is making strides towards a more sustainable future and expanding internationally.

Under the expert leadership of Theo H. Grepper, the spin-off has achieved significant milestones and continues to pursue ambitious goals for shaping an environmentally sound and sustainable future. T. Theo H. Grepper emphasizes the need for international collaboration to address the challenges of climate change.

This transformation is driven by factors such as rising energy prices, political upheavals and new regulations. There is an opportunity for investors to participate in 3D Wind AG, starting with an investment of CHF 500,000 (EUR 526,547) at a share price of CHF 96.00 (EUR 99.00).

According to Theo H. Grepper, the aim is to tap into an interesting new global growth market.

The Vayu® wind turbine is ideal for homeowners, landowners, and entrepreneurs with open spaces, as the three-dimensional movement of the rotor blades finally allows compliance with environmental and noise protection regulations. This breakthrough enables the installation of such wind turbines on private properties, opening up the market for CO2-free energy production to households and businesses. Until now, this was only achieved by solar panels and battery storage.

Vayu harnesses biomimicry, directly inspired by nature. Years of development and research have led to the unique three-dimensional movement mechanics of Vayu®, which functions like an automatic transmission in a car, in contrast to conventional systems that operate with either lift or drag. Four turbine blades on each side are arranged offset, and all eight rotate around their own axis, increasing the efficiency of power generation and enabling electricity production even in lighter air movements starting at 1.6 meters per second. All of this happens relatively silently and eco-friendly. The produced energy, sometimes up to 4 kW per hour, can be used directly or stored in batteries. It is even recommended to integrate the system with solar panels and batteries to achieve an optimal energy mix.

Whoever is also enthusiastic about the developments in sustainable wind energy production and want more information about Theo H. Grepper’s spin-off Vayu, simply should visit the website Nowadays, it’s about more than just environmental protection; learn more about cost reductions and energy self-sufficiency, for example.

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