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TIPP OIL’s product range includes not only lubricants, but also engine oils, industrial oils, gear and hydraulic oils, radiator and windshield antifreeze as well as various car care products. The other product series includes lubricants for two-wheelers, commercial vehicles and boats.
Tipp Oil`s core competence is high quality special lubricants for unusually stressed components, assemblies, machines and systems. For the application and process security of our customers, we create new intelligent solutions. To increase customer satisfaction and to open up new markets through continuous improvement and expansion of our services. Our actions focus on the highest level of quality while at the same time conserving resources. We strive for long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers that are mutually based on morality, trust and respect.
The industry is currently facing many new challenges natural events, environmental and pandemic consequences and is growing faster and faster with new technologies and machines to withstand the new requirements, but to work cheaper, faster and better. Tip Oil’s trend analysis assumes the next 5 years, changes will also grow along with the growing industry. Which nobody talks about, because even a realized industry will not do without lubricants. Top performance is therefore demanded from lubricants as well as real all-rounder qualities. The usual temperatures in industry, loads and chemicals require materials that can also be used under extreme environmental conditions. We have the right oils that can be used for a wide variety of requirements and materials.

The large selection of mineral and synthetic industrial oils in the TIPP OIL product portfolio meets all requirements – from standard applications to the most difficult operating conditions. These products have been developed for a wide variety of industries.
Cleaning hydraulic oil such as HLPD 32 ISO VG 32 therefore has a high wetting and cleaning effect. HLPD 32 is designed on the basis of selected base oils with additives to avoid corrosion, wear and friction.
Mineral CLGP bed rack oil. CGLP ISO 46 is characterized by special lubricating and sliding properties and high adhesion.
As a tried and tested saw chain oil for all makes, for example the Mineral Super, which, due to its excellent adhesion and lubrication, all moving parts such as chain links and joints are optimally lubricated and protected against wear.
The synthetic Fuel Economy Longlife engine oil HD Diesel Supreme 10W-30 is suitable for the latest generation of turbo diesel commercial vehicle engines.

For small boats, ships or water sports enthusiasts, we recommend the marine oil Marine MCL 8050 high-quality marine oil with a TBN of 80 and SAE viscosity class 50 for slow-running, high-lift traverse motors.
* The product selection only contains an extract from our extensive range.

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Manufacturer TIPP Oil – Made in Germany –
Car. Truck engine oils, all-purpose oils for agricultural and construction machinery, two-wheeler engine oils, two-stroke engine oils, gear oils, etc.

TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd.Co.KG
Sebastian Maier
Am Langen Kamp 2
59192 Bergkamen
Phone: +49 178 1122331
Fax: 023079703276

TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd.Co.KG
Anja Klukas
Am Langenkamp 2
59192 Bergkamen
Phone: 023079703275
Fax: 023079703276

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