supplements score card logoSupplements-Score-Card is a newly released website that wants to review the latest supplements released on the market.

The website is a collection of the most popular supplements on the market. The reviews on the website are personal opinions of staff. Every company that wants one of their products to be reviewed can email and they will be provided with an answer in the shortest time possible. At the same time, the readers can email if they want to know more about a certain supplement and will offer a review in timely fashion.

„The idea is to make a website that provides information about the latest supplements released on the market. We are focusing on dietary, muscle growth, health and beauty supplements. With new products being released every day, it is very important to be correctly informed before you make a purchase.“ said owner and founder, Mr. John Wilcott. He then added, „I thought to create this online place when my wife wanted additional information on a weight loss pill she recently bought. The pill did not really work as advertised and she wanted to check the online reviews for it. To my surprise, there was little to no information available on the whole internet. That is when I decided there is something that can be done about this, so I immediately started working on Supplement Score Card. My goal is to gather as many reviews as possible in one place.“

Founded in 2014, is a comprehensive collection of supplement reviews that is updated daily.

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