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Super Tracker is creating a lot of interest on the international market

Super Tracker impressed as the world’s smallest GPS tracker in the fields of CAN Bus connection and ‘Over the Air motor update’ at the Eurobike 2021 in Friedrichshafen.

Super Tracker impressed as the world’s smallest GPS tracker as well as in the fields of CAN Bus connection and ‘Over the Air motor update’ at the Eurobike 2021 in Friedrichshafen. Many renowned ebike and motor producers were very interested and several orders have already been placed.

The Eurobike 2021 trade fair in Friedrichshafen from 1st to 4th September was the first big chance for the Austrian start-up ‘ Super Tracker‘ to present itself as a serious player to producers of ‘Internet of Things Mobility Solutions’.

It was above all international B2B companies that came to the Start Up Area and were impressed by the product. The CAN bus connectivity and the Over the Air update were particularly interesting, but beyond that the tracker contains an integrated eSim, works with LTE-M, NB IOT and 2 G up to 5 G, has Bluetooth and a modular backend. The Tyrolean company also benefited from being based in Austria, with both programming and production done at the same site.

Apart from its small size, the USP of the Super Tracker is its ability to read all motor data, ranging from battery life to maintenance status and even a crash detector, thanks to its CAN bus. Due to its permanent connection to a server, data is recorded without interruption and is made available for a variety of purposes, including without a mobile phone.

Motor manufacturers have the great advantage of being able to connect to the product from the first day of operation, facilitating more effective product development and optimisation. Should deviations occur, they can be corrected within hours Over the Air.
Direct communication with the customer is also possible.

Flexibility first and foremost
“Super Tracker provides customised solutions. Depending on the order volume, we can offer tailor-made products,” says CEO Richard Hirschhuber, who was able to spend three years testing the Super Tracker through his ‘Green4Rent’ project (an ebike rental scheme) and who therefore knows exactly what is required from a tracker.

Competition is the past – collaborative solution-oriented development is the future
Hirschhuber aims to work together with as many of his competitors as possible and through API to achieve a connection in the “e-mobility sharing white-label solution” Super Rent. “Today’s world is so interconnected that we can work together with many tracker providers and we hope to share development and research,” explains Richard Hirschhuber.

Well-known companies and interested parties at the Eurobike were impressed with this trend-setting, intelligent idea. Proposals for potential cooperation have already been put forward and further talks are taking place to work out the details of this collaborative approach.

Super Rent as a white-label mobility concept
Hirschhuber is offering Super Rent as an innovative mobility solution for whole regions or indeed countries. This comprehensive solution with a white-label progressive mobility web app (PWA) should combine all standard tracker systems into one, delivering great potential benefits to all participants. For example, the app will enable users to see all available ebikes, e-scooters and e-rollers from its partners and rental companies in a region or country, and to rent them out directly with a click.

Safety & analysis & data solution installed by vehicle & engine manufacturers for dealers & consumers tested & installed in 3.000
E-bikes from Green4rent (2019-2021).

Richard Hirschhuber
Zellerberg 2/888
6330 Kufstein
Phone: 00436643412121
E-Mail: richard@supertracker.eu
Url: http://www.supertracker.eu

Katharina Aiblinger
Zellerberg 2/888
6330 Kufstein
Phone: 00436506803578
E-Mail: katharina@supertracker.eu
Url: http://www.supertracker.eu

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