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In this day and age and the year 2017 it has become increasingly harder for brand new websites to receive traffic due to an over saturation in independent business websites causing less and less traffic as they all compete with one an other for high SEO keywords causing a decline in traffic.

Where do new independent website and business owners go for help to compete in such a competitive industry where only the big industries with a high budget win?

Introducing URL-TO a new website service targeted to small independent business and website owners with a small budget to help aid them in gaining high quality and targeted traffic to their website and business increasing overall value to their business.

URL-TO offers users who sign up the opportunity to drive thousands of targeted visitors to their website and business and increase their website’s engagement and sales with targeted organic traffic resulting in maximum profit and a positive financial outcome. offers affordable but effective advertising and the most powerful web forwarding and url redirection service currently available online using both Alexia and SEO to increase the overall value of a clients business and website.

The URL-TO program allows users to promote their own sites, referral/affiliate links targeted to millions of people and encourages and aids new users through the URL-TO process with a full process walkthrough in how to start once clients have signed up to the service. Clients are available to promote websites, products, blogs, music, online stores using the URL-TO online service.

URL-TO also offers a full 24/7 customer support for their clients giving their clients piece of mind, constant updates and general advise and support regarding their links.

URL-TO has already gained notoriety amongst independent website owners with its guaranteed and proven to work service with thousands of registered users repeatedly using the service and that number is growing year by year as URL-TO strive to develop and implement brand new features to the service and improving the service by updating the existing functionality.

URL-TO is now live and available for sign ups and are now offering daily prizes to new sign ups and offering 100 bonus views to new sign-ups for free.


Hallakorpi Rd. Suite 317 ,
Finland, PL 12400

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