Promote Your Brand in a Different Way Using “GPS Map Stamp App”!

UNITED STATES – May 8, 2019: Greencom EbizzInfotech has recently launched an astonishing application named „GPS Map Stamp: Geotag Photos with Timestamp Camera“, by using all the businessmen, marketers and advertisers to promote their branding on photos and sharing them on social media .

This Geo Camera App is no less than a boon for all the business promoters, as it saves their extra expenses on business branding. They can make their business stand out globally in just a few simple steps with a minimum cost.

This stamping app helps users to geotag photos along with date and time stamp over it. Users can either add these stamps to their photos using this GPS Map Stamp Camera or on those which are already available in device’s photo gallery.

Check out some remarkable features of this app:

1) Let people know about new business startups by adding location on photos, either automatically or manually.

2) Attractive stamps are available to make photos more alluring.

3) Either current or custom Date and Timestamp can be added, along with different formats.

4) Option for adding original DateTime stamp is also available to remember when the picture was originally captured.

5) At option to preview the customized stamp before adding it to the pictures!

6) User can select multiple gallery photos at a time to add custom stamps on it!

This geotag application has a bonus feature of adding temperature to photos, in either Fahrenheit or Celsius! There is one more option available to add GPS.

Travel photographers can add exact location photos on the blogs or websites! The benefits of this application can not be avoided. During their vacation or business trip!

Ebizz Infotech is serving its customers since the last 10 years! This company always comes up with some innovative ideas and their Android and iOS apps. So if any iPhone user is searching for geotagging app, then here’s the same available for you! Just install “ GPS Stamp: Add Geotag on Photo “ App from App Store!

This watermark application „GPS Map Stamp: Geotag Photos with Timestamp Camera“ will probably help you make your brand a voice in just a few steps!

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