Partnership between Thryve and healthbank – intelligent mHealth solution for the detection of health risks

showimage Partnership between Thryve and healthbank - intelligent mHealth solution for the detection of health risks

Thryve: Friedrich Lämmel (l), Paul Burggraf (m) and John Trimpop (r)

Expansion of the healthbank ecosystem – fitness trackers become health assistants – health care is improved – from prevention and screening to intervention and therapy

healthbank enters into another important partnership and brings mobile health services to its platform. The cooperation with the Berlin-based company Thryve is another milestone in healthbanks ecosystem strategy. Thryve, whose spin-off roots lie at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, develops and licenses software as a service in the field of mobile health applications. Via a single interface, a so-called single API, data from over 200 different fitness trackers, smart watches and portable medical devices can be connected. The cooperation between healthbank and Thryve links the services of both companies and enables healthbank users to integrate their personal devices. At the same time, the Single API solution is also open to other network partners of healthbank.

Thryve is driving forward the individualisation of health care through the use of so-called wearables by patients. “Our software enables health services to access health data from smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers and other smart devices such as scales or blood pressure monitors via a single API,” explains Thryve co-founder Paul Burggraf. “By enabling health services to understand and use the wealth of automatically generated data, we can fundamentally improve all aspects of health care – from prevention and screening to intervention and therapy,” Burggraf adds.

How exactly does this work? “Health data from smart watches, fitness trackers or medical devices are easily integrated into digital health services and processed with Thryve – so that individual health status can easily be recognized, health risks automatically identified and the success of therapy measured in objective parameters. This helps us to assess and safeguard the activities, fitness and health of a person,” Burggraf explains. This health information is supplied via standard sensors of millions of devices in use today. “An adaptive, individual interpretation layer makes different model types of wearables comparable with each other and identifies additional irregularities in the recorded data,” he explains further. Together with the Charité University Hospital Berlin, Thryve has been developing and testing intelligent solutions for the detection of health risks and disease indicators for several years. Thryve is based on more than ten years of Fraunhofer research and combines artificial intelligence, professional software development and validated medical procedures.

For Reto Schegg, CEO of healthbank, Thryve is a dream partner. “The Healthbank platform is optimally designed to integrate partners and applications from the healthcare sector into healthbank’s ecosystem quickly, efficiently and highly securely. healthbank not only offers its partners a state-of-the-art architecture and security approach. The additional integration of wearables together with Thryve increases the attractiveness of the platform enormously.

This cooperation enables healthbank users to use individual tracking data from wearables in a standardised way and store it securely in their healthbank account in order to document, for example, successful rehabilitation or long-term observations. In addition, the release of the data for general practitioner, caregiver or within the family is guaranteed. “We believe in a future in which everyone has their own health in their own hands,” says Burggraf. “A future in which personal assistants protect us from illness, automatically recognise illnesses and health risks and enable everyone to receive exactly the right treatment,” Burggraf explains his vision. “A vision that we support as a safe, neutral and independent partner,” explains Schegg from healthbank.

About Thryve:
mHealth Pioneers powers the individualization of health care. Our software enables health services to access sensible health data from smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers and the like through a single API. Since founding our company 2016 in Berlin, we have added corporates, fellow startups, care organizations and research institutions to our customers and support diverse indications such as oncology, affective disorders or cardiology. By enabling health services to understand and use automatically generated data, we create a holistic health picture and fundamentally improve care delivery – from prevention and screening to intervention and therapy.

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About healthbank
healthbank is the world’s first citizen-owned, neutral and independent health data transaction platform that enables people to share their data in a secure and privacy compliant way with other partners. healthbank connects data sources of all kinds from the entire health sector and rewards participants to share their health data for research purposes. Based in Switzerland, healthbank stands for Swiss neutrality, trust and data protection and enables participating citizens, researchers and organisations with large amounts of data to network with each other. Thus, the value of health and medical data can be optimally tapped on this independent, global health platform. healthbank promotes innovations in health care, from prevention to cure, at a more reasonable price and of better quality, for the benefit of individuals and society.

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healthbank ist die weltweit erste bürgereigene, neutrale und unabhängige Gesundheitsdaten-Transaktionsplattform, die es Menschen ermöglicht ihre Daten auf sichere und datenschutzkonforme Art und Weise mit anderen Partnern zu teilen. healthbank verbindet Datenquellen aller Art aus dem gesamten Gesundheitsbereich und belohnt Teilnehmer, ihre Gesundheitsdaten für Forschungszwecke zu teilen. Mit Sitz in der Schweiz steht healthbank für schweizerische Neutralität, Vertrauen und Datenschutz und ermöglicht es den teilnehmenden Bürgern, Forschern und Organisationen mit grossen Datenmengen sich miteinander zu vernetzen. Damit kann der Wert von Gesundheits- und medizinischen Daten auf dieser unabhängigen, globalen Gesundheitsplattform optimal erschlossen werden. healthbank fördert Innovationen im Gesundheitswesen, von der Prävention bis zur Heilung, zu einem angemesseneren Preis und besserer Qualität – für das Wohl des Einzelnen und der Gesellschaft.

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