Ovantis Outlines the Huge Benefits of Bio-Resonance Therapy

– Fact: 50% of psychological problems are not diagnosed
– Fact: 80% of breast cancer patients’ concerns remain undisclosed
– Fact: In 50% of visits, patients and doctors disagreed on the main presenting problem

London 25 September – o Do you struggle to diagnose your patients’s conditions?

– Do you sometimes wish you could have access to some type of equipment that will make diagnosis and treatment accurate and faster?
– Do you spend hours trying to figure out the most appropriate treatment to administer to your patients?

Even though complementary medicine is fast becoming a key component of our healthcare system, complementary medicine practitioners are still struggling to gain acceptance in the mainstream medical establishment.

As effective as complementary medicine has proved to be over the years, it is still perceived as voodoo science amongst medical professionals. The reason for this has been the difficulties that complementary medicine practitioners have in adequately explaining the science behind their methods.

One such area of effective, yet unrecognised, complementary therapy diagnosis and treatment is bio-resonance therapy. Bio-resonance therapy has been around since the 1970s and has proven an effective treatment against a whole range of illnesses and conditions. However, despite the effectiveness of bio-resonance therapy, the therapy remains an enigma in the healthcare industry.

Ovantis Ltd, the UK sole distributor of Physiospect NLS Bio-resonance devices, has published a report that outlines the benefits of bio-resonance therapy.

The report entitled How Effective is Bio-resonance Therapy? outlines the history of bio-resonance therapy and how it can be used as an effective complement to conventional treatment.

In the bio-resonance report you will discover:

– The Origin of Bio-resonance Therapy
– The Difference Between Bio-resonance Therapy and Conventional Treatment
– The Conditions That Can Be Diagnosed and Treated Using Bio-resonance Therapy
– The Benefits of Bio-resonance Therapy
– Clinical Case Studies of Bio-resonance Therapy
– What Do Experts Say About Bio-resonance Therapy?

The bio-resonance report can be downloaded for free from the Ovantis website by clicking on the link below:


If you are a complementary medicine practitioner wishing to increase your patient numbers and grow your practice, please click on the link below to download your copy of the bio-resonance therapy report:

About Ovantis Ltd
Ovantis Ltd is the UK sole distributor of Physiospect NLS Bio-resonance devices: computer software-driven diagnostic and treatment systems that help complementary medicine practitioners quickly and accurately diagnose and treat their patients.

For more information about Ovantis, please visit: http://www.ovantis.co.uk/

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