Communication Media launches world’s first streaming platform, label and marketplace exclusively for AI-generated music!

Startup aims to become the „Spotify for AI hit songs“ that are banned from other platforms. launches the world“s first streaming platform exclusively for new and covered hit songs with unofficial AI-generated vocals of iconic living or deceased singers. is also the world’s first AI music label working with award-winning producers to release newly composed AI songs with AI-generated music videos, including the track Peace by the unofficial voices of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the profits of which will donate to a Ukraine charity.

The platform gives music creators the opportunity to earn from their songs, for example, song rights have already been resold on the marketplace, for up to tens of thousands of Euros. Even an inexperienced user can easily create AI cover versions with free tools or order custom made songs with AI vocals for less than 300EUR and sell them on or get a revenue share.

The label also cooperates with „Ghostwriter“, the producer of the most viral AI song to date „Heart on my sleeves“ with AI-generated unofficial vocals by Drake and The Weeknd. The song was removed from all streaming platforms in April 2023 for alleged copyright infringement. However, in the following September, the Grammy“s CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said the song would be eligible for a Grammy if it were official and „widely distributed,“ such as through an approved streaming platform. has now applied for this status. founder and CEO Dr. jur. Can Ansay, who is also a lawyer, commented, „Anyone can use and monetize AI vocals of famous singers at will and for free if they are marked „unofficial“ to avoid confusion.“

Ansay continued, „Thanks to the AI revolution and, any talented producer in the world can now produce and monetize a hit song with any famous voice in any language, thus multiplying the probability of hit songs. Join us and enjoy!“

On February 3, 2024, the first AI music awards ceremony will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco. also hopes to benefit from the EU“s Digital Marketing Act law which requires Internet giants like Apple to fairly name all competitors when they cross-promote their music platforms, such as iTunes.

Premium subscription to costs 4,90 Euros / USD / GBP per month for full access. is part of a suite of AI-powered webapps from Ltd. which also include, and Ltd. is a leading technology company based in Paphos, Cyprus, founded by Dr. jur Can Ansay. With a focus on innovation, leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create cutting-edge solutions that transcend industry boundaries. Dr. Can Ansay, a seasoned serial tech founder and accomplished lawyer, leads the company in its mission to revolutionize industries and unlock new possibilities through technology.

Contact Ltd.
Dr. jur. Can Ansay
Andrea Tselepou 8
8010 Paphos
Phone: 04033463383
E-Mail: d560580ed9b06ee5199f96833bc5f44eccc0aa6e

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