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Mercatus Launches Future Shopping Mobile Grocery App

Experience the Future of Grocery Shopping: Mercatus Launches its Next Generation Mobile Grocery Shopping App

Next Generation Mobile Grocery Shopping App: Introduction

Introduce Mercatus as a leading provider of grocery eCommerce solutions
Mercatus is ushering in a new era of grocery shopping with its innovative Mobile Grocery Shopping App. Already a leader in the field of grocery eCommerce, Mercatus has taken shopping convenience to the next level by allowing consumers to do their grocery shopping anytime and anywhere. With no more lines or checkout worries, users can browse and purchase a full range of products from the comfort of their homes or office. And with features like product tracking and integrated payment systems, Mercatus is revolutionizing the way we shop for groceries!

Announce the evolution of Mercatus Mobile, a new mobile commerce experience for grocery retailers and customers
Shopping for groceries has never been easier than with Mercatus Mobile, the latest mobile grocery shopping app. With our cutting-edge eCommerce solutions, you now have the power to shop from anywhere, anytime. You can quickly search for products and see high-resolution images of all items. Easily create shopping lists and compare prices with other stores – all from your smartphone or tablet device. Thanks to a streamlined checkout process, now you can save time and stay organized when purchasing groceries! For a modern spin on the traditional shopping experience, look no further than Mercatus Mobile’s next-generation grocery eCommerce platform.

Key Features and Functionality
Mercatus Mobile is the ultimate grocery eCommerce solution for modern shopping necessities. Their app takes advantage of existing platform integrations to make it easy for retailers to turn every mobile customer experience into a delightful one. It“s specifically designed with grocery eCommerce in mind and allows customers to build their cart and checkout seamlessly. And it doesn’t end there – Mercatus Mobile personalizes each user’s shopping journey, touts loyalty rewards programs, and even allows you to save payment methods for a quicker checkout experience. Mobile groceries shopping has never been easier or more enjoyable thanks to the Mercatus Mobile App!

Benefits for Retailers
Mobile grocery shopping is here to stay, and with Mercatus Mobile, grocers can now easily get in on the action. Our Mobile Grocery Shopping App provides retailers with eCommerce solutions aimed at increasing conversions and improving order frequencies. But that’s not all-we are also introducing a developer-friendly architecture for quicker feature releases, so grocers can better serve their customers. Plus, our Content Management System allows retailers to update their content feeds quickly, enabling them to monetize mobile traffic effectively. With Mercatus Mobile, retailers have all they need to maximize their profits and meet customer demand!

Transition for Current Users
Grocery shopping with Mobile Grocery Shopping App is about to get a whole lot better! As part of your platform software subscription, we are transitioning Mobile Grocery Shopping App users to our latest grocery eCommerce solutions. We understand that transition can be difficult, and we want to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. With Mobile Grocery Shopping App“s enhanced grocery eCommerce system, you will significantly improve the way you shop for groceries. So join us on this journey and enjoy the latest Mobile Grocery Shopping App experience-it will be worth the wait!

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About Mercatus
Mercatus is an innovative global grocery software platform dedicated to empowering grocers to thrive in the digital age. The company provides total eCommerce solutions, enabling grocers to rapidly launch agile mobile grocery shopping apps and build sustainable eCommerce strategies. Founded by a team of retail veterans, Mercatus has established itself as an industry leader with notable clients such as Woolworths Australia, one of the largest grocery retailers in the country. Other reputable grocers from across the world have also partnered with Mercatus and are leveraging its best-in-class technology to help them stay competitive and become more successful on the digital playing field. This cutting-edge eCommerce platform offers all the modern technologies required for grocery businesses to be ahead of their competition and make sure they stay in charge of their online presence. With Mercatus, grocers will be able to build successful online stores that cater to customer“s needs easily and securely.

1. Mercatus Mobile is a grocery shopping app that helps you get your groceries delivered or picked up quickly and easily.
2. Merchants have access to powerful eCommerce solutions enabling them to build efficiencies while meeting customer demands.
3. There are plenty of options to customize your shopping experience-from product curation to discounts on checkout, and more!

So if you’re in the market for a reliable grocery eCommerce service that makes shopping easy and convenient, Mercatus Mobile is worth exploring further. Visit their website or contact today to learn more!


Mercatus Technologies Inc.
200 Wellington Street West, Suite 310
Toronto, ON M5V 3C7, Canada

Mercatus USA Inc.
6000 Fairview Rd., Suite 1200
Charlotte NC, 28210 USA

416-603-3406 | 1-877-525-5051


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Mercatus empowers grocers to regain control of their eCommerce and deliver exceptional, brand-centric online shopping experiences. The Mercatus platform enables you to personalize the first-party shopping channel, reducing costs for pickup and delivery while enhancing profit margins. This results in a seamless, brand-strengthening shopping experience for customers.

Mercatus Technologies Inc.
Aaron LeBlanc
200 Wellington Street West Suite
M5V 3C7 Toronto
Phone: 1-877-525-5051

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