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Mallorca’s symbiosis of sustainability and architecture

How the Mallorca Preservation Foundation and ETERRA Iberia SL Shape the Future of Mallorca – by Sven Bading, Managing Partner of ETERRA Iberia SL.

The Balearic Islands, with their unparalleled blend of breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture, and exceptional quality of life, have become one of the brightest jewels in the Mediterranean. Daniel Slenters, a seasoned expert in the real estate market, highlights how these islands are recognized not only as a holiday paradise but also as a prime location for vacation properties worldwide. The reasons are diverse: from excellent accessibility to long-term value stability and a quality of life that is unmatched.

In recent years, the Balearic Islands have gained additional attractiveness through tax incentives. The elimination of inheritance and gift taxes for first-degree relatives, coupled with a high exemption threshold for wealth tax, has created a particularly inviting framework for international buyers and investors. These measures have made the islands an even more attractive destination for those looking to invest in premium real estate.

According to Slenters‘ assessment, the demand for such properties in the Balearic Islands is expected to continue to rise in the foreseeable future. This reflects not only the material benefits that the Balearic Islands offer but also the growing appreciation for a quality of life found in this unique Mediterranean environment. In this sense, the Balearic Islands stand not only for a secure financial investment but also for an investment in a lifestyle characterized by sun, sea, and cultural richness. Hence, the focus on protecting these natural beauties, as exemplified by the Mallorca Preservation Foundation.

The Mallorca Preservation Foundation (MAPF), a driving force behind the protection of the island’s unique natural beauty, and real estate companies committed to building properties with a deep understanding of sustainability and community, work hand in hand to preserve the island for future generations.

ETERRA Iberia SL Supports the Mallorca Preservation Foundation

Since its establishment in May 2017, the Mallorca Preservation Foundation has emerged as a pioneer in environmental conservation on Mallorca. By mobilizing resources and supporting effective local environmental initiatives, the foundation tirelessly advocates for the protection of the Mediterranean environment. These efforts are all the more important considering that globally, only a fraction of donations flow into environmental conservation. The MAPF represents a movement that goes beyond fundraising and raises awareness of the urgent need for environmental protection.

ETERRA Iberia SL embodies a real estate company that sees its role in society extending far beyond the construction of buildings. With a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability and community, ETERRA engages not only in building projects but also in nurturing positive relationships with locals and supporting cultural and social projects. This comprehensive approach significantly contributes to the well-being of the island and reflects the company’s philosophy, which views community growth and nature conservation as integral parts of its business.

The need for the work of the MAPF is underscored by the current challenges facing Mallorca. From restoring the sea to addressing the urgent waste issue and reducing single-use plastics, the island faces numerous ecological and economic challenges. The foundation emphasizes the importance of the principles of „reduce, reuse, recycle“ and works to establish Mallorca as a model for sustainable management.

Challenging and Supporting

Joint support serves as a shining example of how businesses and environmental organizations can together have a positive impact on society and the environment. While the MAPF coordinates financial, organizational, and awareness-building efforts, ETERRA contributes to the vision of a green and livable future for Mallorca through its sustainable construction projects and community engagement.

Climate change and environmental destruction pose increasingly urgent problems, making the work of organizations like the MAPF and companies like ETERRA Iberia SL indispensable. Their efforts demonstrate that through collaboration, dedication, and a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability and community, the path to a more sustainable future can be paved. Mallorca thus stands not only as a jewel of the Mediterranean but also as a model for sustainable development and community engagement.

Author: Sven Bading, Managing Partner, ETERRA Group

ETERRA Ibera SL is an innovative and future-oriented real estate company from Magdeburg that is committed to sustainable living. The company offers a wide range of services and works closely with its customers and investors to meet individual needs.

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