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Learn How to Live with the Germans in the Funniest Way Possible with Comedy Duo Mel and Pajo

Mel (Irish), and Pajo, a talented entertainer from Croatia, have teamed up to create an unforgettable evening of laughter and entertainment.

Munich, Germany – June 5, 2023 – Have you ever wondered what it takes to truly live harmoniously with the Germans? Look no further! Comedy duo Mel and Pajo, who have been living in Germany for over 50 years, are ready to share their hilarious experiences and insights on how to navigate life, work, and love with our German neighbors.

Mel, originally from Ireland, and Pajo, a talented entertainer from Croatia, have teamed up to create an unforgettable evening of laughter and entertainment. This dynamic duo will entertain the audience with their unique style, performing in a captivating mix of 50% English and 50% German, ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun.

During the show, Mel and Pajo will regale the audience with their personal stories and anecdotes about living in Germany. From cultural differences to language quirks, they will offer valuable insights and practical tips, all delivered with their trademark wit and humor. Audiences can expect an evening filled with laughter, as Mel and Pajo take them on a comedic journey through the ups and downs of German life.

„We believe that laughter is the universal language, and our mission is to bring people together through humor,“ says Mel Kelly, the founder of three comedy clubs in Munich and a renowned author and speaker. „Living in Germany has been an incredible adventure, and we can’t wait to share our experiences in the shortest and funniest way possible, in stereo!“

Pajo, who has been entertaining audiences across Germany for over 25 years, adds, „Being able to connect with people through comedy is a privilege. Laughter knows no borders, and we hope that our show will not only entertain but also foster understanding and appreciation for our German friends.“

This not-to-be-missed event promises an unforgettable evening of laughter and entertainment. Mel and Pajo’s unique approach will leave you with a smile on your face long after the show ends. So, mark your calendars and come join them on June 24th at Comedy Club Munich for a hilarious journey on how to live with the Germans.

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About Mel Kelly:
Mel Kelly, an Irish IT consultant who relocated to Munich in 2003, discovered his passion for comedy amidst the vibrant international comedy scene in Germany. He is the founder of three comedy clubs in Munich, a bestselling author, and an award-winning speaker.

About Pajo:
Pajo, a talented musician, entertainer, and comedian from Croatia, has been tickling funny bones across Germany for over 25 years. With his innate ability to make people laugh, Pajo has become a beloved figure in the German comedy scene.

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