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Laser World of Photonics 2019: CeramOptec will present high-performance fiber optics for industrial and medical laser applications

Focus on safety fiber optics and special fiber assemblies

Bonn/Livani, 24 April 2019 – CeramOptec, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of multimode optical fibers made of quartz glass, will be presenting high-performance fiber optics for industrial and medical laser applications at this year’s Laser World of Photonics (June 24 – 27, 2019 in Munich, Hall B2, Booth 308). The biolitec subsidiary’s booth will put a focus on the new safety fibers – special configurations of CeramOptec glass fibers that allow the safety-optimized operation of fiber-coupled high-power lasers by means of copper wires included in the fiber jacket. The copper wires, which are integrated into the electric circuit of the laser system, act as circuit breakers in the event of a fracture or decoupling of the fiber and thus protect against escaping laser radiation.
In addition to this innovative safety feature, CeramOptec will show the entire range of its tried and tested industrial and medical fiber developments, from fiber-optic all-rounders such as the Optran© UV/WF fibers to special fibers such as Optran© UVNSS for UV transmission or Optran© MIR for CO2 lasers. Of course, the Optran© NCC fibers will also be featured, whose polygonal core geometry homogenizes the energy distribution of laser beams and thus supports the generation of top hat beam profiles.
A particular highlight of the booth will be a special high-performance magnifier with the help of which interested visitors to the booth can inspect in detail the front surfaces of all the CeramOptec all-round and special fibers presented at the booth. The fiber optics specialist will provide dedicated samples of all relevant fiber types for this specific purpose. A wide range of information materials will also be available at the booth, including the new comprehensive CeramOptec catalog.
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About CeramOptec
CeramOptec®, in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA, is specializes in the manufacture of multimode fiber optic cables made from quartz glass. The medium-sized company was founded in 1988 and is today a subsidiary of biolitec AG, one of the leading international medical technology companies in the field of laser applications. With subsidiaries in China and distribution partners in the USA, France, India, Japan and Korea, CeramOptec is strongly represented not just in Europe, but also on the Asian and North American markets. The company”s range comprises optical fibers, optical fiber bundles, assemblies and cables for numerous application areas, amongst these industrial and medical laser applications, aerospace sensor systems and spectroscopic applications in the fields of astronomy and the chemical industry. One special product in its range is the manufacture of glass fiber cores with
square to octagonal geometries (non circular core fibers/NCC), which are mainly used in astrophysics and illumination applications. The biolitec group has 285 employees in total.

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