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KNXdrive4u – The first KNX RF S Valve Drive

KNX-RF S-mode: Valve drive for convector heating

Cordless, energy self-sufficient valve drive for convector heating with KNX-RF S-mode technology…

KNX has been a worldwide standard in wired building automation for 30 years. The focus here is on the intelligent control of all technical building functions in residential and functional buildings with a focus on security, energy efficiency and comfort. There are now many manufacturers whose products also communicate wirelessly in the KNX system, which ensures even more flexibility and user-friendliness. KNX radio products (KNX RF) are standardized and used and put into operation regardless of manufacturer, just like wired KNX devices (KNX TP).

The Swiss company Smart Building Services GmbH, based in MĂĽnchenstein, has now developed a product that closes a gap: With “KNXdrive4u”, the world’s first KNX RF S-Mode valve drive – convector radiators can be wirelessly integrated into the KNX room temperature control. Installation is so simple: KNXdrive4u fits directly onto Heimeier / Oventrop-compatible radiator valves M30x1.5. KNXdrive4u can also be attached to Grässlin valves using an adapter.

The energy required for operation is generated using an electrical temperature difference process and stored in a long-life battery in the device. This means: As soon as the heating season begins, the integrated battery, which is large enough to survive the summer, charges itself. The drive and all electronics used are optimized for low energy consumption, but also for cost-effective production and reliable operation. An additional otherwise concealed micro-USB port on the front is used to recharge the battery in the worst-case scenario.

The energy self-sufficient valve drive KNXdrive4u can also function independently of the KNX system; because it contains a temperature sensor and an integrated controller. In the delivery condition, it is set to a target value of 21 degrees and immediately begins to regulate the flow rate on the radiator after screwing it onto the valve. The target temperature can also be changed at any time using application parameters in the ETS and loaded directly via radio with a standard KNX-RF USB stick. But of course the valve drive KNXdrive4u can also be integrated into a KNX system. This is done via a KNX RF media coupler. Then one or many KNXdrive4u communicates with the corresponding KNX TP room temperature controllers and fetches the setpoints or the control values from there – depending on the parameterization.

-Communication: KNX RF S-Mode compatible
-Power supply: integrated battery / USB optional
-Range: In the building nominal 30 meters
-Valve stroke: 5 mm
-Release date: End of Q1 2021-Connection thread: M30 x 1,5
-Degree of protection: IP20
-Dimensions: diameter 55 mm x length 105 mm
-Positioning force: 70 Nm
-Configuration with Application for ETS 5

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