innomea GmbH takes over the business fields UEM u. ITSM Solutions by Matrix42 AG and VMware Inc. from Alright-IT GmbH

innomea GmbH takes over the business fields UEM u. ITSM Solutions by Matrix42 AG and VMware Inc. from Alright-IT GmbH.

Alright-IT / innomea – Quo vadis?

When Alright-IT GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of L4S IT-SYSTEMLÖSUNGEN GmbH and innomea GmbH, the competencies of two IT service providers were bundled to become one of the leading service providers in the field of ITSM, UEM and Client Management to meet increased customer requirements and competition.

Fresh ideas, market assessments and changing customer requirements call for even more specialization, which we would realise to better meet your needs. Therefore, we have decided to divide the divisions.

The changes are valid from 01.03.2019.

The innomea GmbH holistically takes over the business areas around ITSM, Mobile, Security and Client Management of the product manufacturer Matrix42 AG and VMware, Inc ..

This also includes the seamless assumption of support services for the expiring maintenance contracts of Alright-IT, which will be taken over by innomea GmbH at the next contract renewal.

Who is the innomea?

innomea GmbH was founded in 2003 with the aim of making the management of IT workplaces as smart as possible.

Following the founding of Alright-IT as a subsidiary, innomea GmbH has no longer been active as a solution provider and is now taking over the business areas relating to ITSM, mobile, security and client management.

What does the innomea do?

In addition to best practice experienced consultants, we offer future-proof strategies and solutions, our own Add-On´s for practical applications, continuous improvements, now also training courses and tailor-made workshops, all at predictable and transparent prices.

Business Partners

We cooperate with market-leading, highly-skilled companies to deliver efficient, integrated solutions of the highest quality.

Our partner landscape consists of Matrix42, Microsoft, Baramundi, Citrix, VMware and MailStore.

The innomea GmbH is since 2003 a Germany-wide and with customer projects Europe-wide active IT service house, which specializes medium-sized enterprises, public institutions, IT system houses and corporations in the optimization of their IT infrastructure to advise and support.

Within the scope of „Managed Services“, innomea offers the partial or complete support of the IT infrastructure for customers from the 1st level through 2nd level up to 3rd level support.

Our consulting services cover topics such as Windows migrations, update service programs, software packaging, individual training / workshops, programming, and consulting in the area of workflow, asset, and license management.

We offer UEM u. ITSM Solutions of the Matrix42 AG and VMware Inc. and we cooperate with the manufacturers Microsoft, Baramundi, Citrix and MailStore.

As an established and reliable partner, among other things, the complete Matrix42 portfolio of license sales and the associated maintenance, services and enhancements are offered with practical benefits.

Competence and reliability paired with experience – smart, digital, solutions for you.

We are here for you.

Die innomea GmbH ist ein seit 2003 ein deutschland- und bei Kundenprojekten europaweit tätiges IT Dienstleistungshaus welches sich darauf spezialisiert hat mittelständische Unternehmen, öffentliche Einrichtungen, IT-Systemhäuser und Konzerne in der Optimierung ihrer IT-Infrastruktur zu beraten und zu unterstützen.

Im Rahmen von „Managed Services“ bietet innomea die teilweise oder vollständige Betreuung der IT-Infrastruktur für Kunden vom 1st-Level über 2nd Level bis 3rd Level-Support an.

Unsere Beratungsleistungen umfassen Themen wie die Windows Migrationen, Updateservice Programme, Softwarepaketierung, individuelle Trainings/Workshops, Programmierung, sowie Consulting im Bereich Workflow-, Asset-, und Lizenzmanagement.
Wir bieten UEM u. ITSM Lösungen der Matrix42 AG und VMware Inc. an und kooperieren mit den Herstellern Microsoft, Baramundi, Citrix und MailStore.

Als etablierter und zuverlässiger Partner wird unter Anderem das komplette Matrix42 Portfolio vom Lizenzverkauf und die dazugehörige Wartung, Dienstleistung und Erweiterungen mit praktischem Nutzen angeboten.

Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit gepaart mit Erfahrung – smart, digital, solutions für Sie.

Wir sind für Sie da.

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