Igor Yankovsky: Ukrainian IoT start-ups are among the most successful

What unites the PetCube device that allows you to watch a pet remotely and “a home controller” of electricity expenditures “Ecois.me? Both inventions belong to Ukrainians. Moreover, both belong to the so-called “Internet of Things”. Businessman Igor Yankovsky comments on the success stories of Ukrainian IoT start-ups on his blog published on the Medium.

“The commercial success of the most start-ups working in this area proves: innovations become closer” – writes Yankovsky. However, it does not mean that smart gadgets and mobile applications are merely necessary for simplification of our lives. “The ideology of sustainability – sustainable development and responsible consumption – underpins such innovations” – considers the Ukrainian businessman.

It is not only the case of energy conservation or ecology. The ideology of sustainability fully meets the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle. Young Ukrainian inventors support this trend successfully. Just to take an example, Kyiv schoolchildren invented a virtual instructor for the gym Heiko to calculate the optimal physical load. Start-up persons of FORCE emotion invented a smart bracelet to monitor a physical condition of his owner, whereas guys from Mevics brought to market a device to control a human posture.

It is also noteworthy, that Ukrainian start-ups pay attention to the “ecology of relationships”. For instance, inventors of the mobile application FamilyInSafe believe that, despite the business activities, we must always be in touch with family and friends, inform them about our location and remind each other about our promises to go to the shop or to the pharmacy.

Igor Yankovsky has no doubts that the popularity of IoT innovations will continue to grow. This is the good news for Ukrainian start-ups, which are actively mastering “The Internet of things”, and, therefore, have good chances to promote themselves in the market more confidently.

News Source: https://medium.com/@igoryankovsky/9-ukrainian-start-ups-that-cultivate-the-ideology-of-sustainable-development-and-responsible-4f4a54a4fa84

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