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Cracked: The Total Formula of the Universe

The Universal Universe Formula – based on our Space- and Time-Formulas – by Helmut Rasch (Albert Bright) from .

Cracked: The Total Formula of the Universe
The Universal Universe Formula, by Helmut Rasch (Albert Bright) from .

1. Short presentation:

GE = ( E = M * c² ) * ( E / M : M / E )

GE: Total Energy
E : Energy
M : (total) Matter and Semi-Matter (as well Quantum, Electron, String …)
E = M * c² : Simple Relativity of Einstein, slightly amplified
E / M : (energetic) Space or „Room“ (but not the meaning of „chambre“)
M / E : (energetic) Time
E/M : M/E : „Velocity“, (energetic) space by time.

2. Short plausibility:

a. The energy determined by Einstein from matter is static and explains 5% of the universe forces.

b. However, the universe is dynamic – and the explanations of 95% of all forces were missing.

c. With the SPACE and TIME formulas which we discovered, we have decoded/changed/refuted various unknown aspects in the last PR-articles (up to now, only in German, sorry): dark energy, dark matter, super nova, black holes, gravitation, gravitational waves, curved space, up to strings and Big Bang explanation … from a new perspective.

d. The universe is dynamic, so the formula must have dynamics. Since we were able to explain various things in detail with the space and time forces, we added these forces in our overall formula of the universe. Space divided by time is commonly defined as „velocity“ (which is also just a force, after all), satisfying dynamics as an overall formula criterion.

e. Our space and time formulas are (however) about energetic dimensions, which help to determine the missing energies.

f. Although it is obvious to calculate space and time within the second bracket – and to provide the second bracket with a power of two – space and time are shown separately, because only in this way their effect in different environments (universe edge with dominating space energy – versus black hole with dominating time-energy) can be presented in a differentiated way. In this way, further plausibility can be better presented:

g. Energy: The total energy of the universe, GE, now results from Einstein’s material energy in his simple-relativity-formula (left bracket) multiplied by the energy in the denominator of the multipli-catively linked space-energy formula and multiplied by the energy in the numerator of the dividing linked time-energy formula. These energies are shown here as „equal“ and multiplied to give E³. Since material energy has the „value“ 5% (or more precise numbers vary from 4.9 to 4.6) of all energies, we first calculate 4.9 * 4.9 * 4.9 = 118 . However, the 4.9 are just one estimation and must be put into perspective so that the above formula does not result in more than 100% energy: 100% results from 4.643%, which comes very close to other calculations with 4.6 as the result. The fact is: By taking our space and time formulas into account, the currently (only) extrapolated but technical formula-missing 95% of the forces are now broken down and integrated in our formula.

h. Matter. The total amount of matter remains constant in the breakdown of the overall formula, which is also in line with the current state of research.

i. The forces of space and time vary depending on the proportion of matter or the distance from accumulations of matter.

j. The universe is growing faster than current mathematics can calculate. Dark energy has a lot to do with space, which is why we assign the 72% value (Wikipedia) to our space formula.

k. Our time formula has a lot to do with matter (specially when being close to it), which is why we assign it the power of dark matter, 23% value (Wikipedia).

l. Space/time, 72/23 add up to 3.13, which is very close to pi (3.14), bringing our formula additions (space and time) close to known mathematics – and the rotation of the universe (in-)directly flows into our overall formula aspects.

Further explanations will follow.

Best regards
Helmut Rasch (Albert Bright)

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In world-wide-wealth entwickeln wir Lösungen für eine bessere Welt. Hierzu erfinden wir neue Wege und Formeln. Die Erfindungen der Formeln für die ZEIT, den RAUM und der DYNAMISCHEN RELATIVITÄT waren Durchbrüche, nicht nur für die Astronomie, sondern, bei deren Nutzung, nun auch im Rahmen von GlobalOnomie für u.v.a. Wirtschaft & Währung, Wissen & Weisheit, Frieden & Freiheit, Wohlstand & Gesundheit, Gemeinwohl & Nachhaltigkeit und Klima & Umwelt – weltweit- und damit auch für die 17 UN-SDGs, den Nachhaltigkeitszielen der Vereinten Nationen. Und unsere Ergebnisse können alle derzeitigen Krisen relativieren, mildern und lösen.

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