Commercial Direct Shares Recent Success Stories from Texas on Investment Property Loan Website

MIAMI – (November 16, 2018) – Commercial Direct, a division of Silver Hill Funding, LLC, a commercial mortgage lender, has recently demonstrated great success with Texas investors who were having a difficult time acquiring the funding needed for their investment properties.  These stories are shared in full on their educational website, https://InvestmentProperty.Loans


Two of the primary challenges Texas investment property investors face today when securing funding from a traditional lender are property size and location.


Since large and small commercial loan transactions often take a similar amount of time to complete, many traditional lenders like banks prefer to focus primarily on larger loans that can generate more income for their institution.  This can make it difficult for investors to secure the loans necessary to purchase smaller apartment buildings, offices, and retail strip centers.


The second issue of location is often an even bigger problem in the state of Texas.  Many lenders are only willing to fund investments that are in urban areas, oftentimes denying loans for investors who venture out into more rural locales.  In a sprawling state like Texas, this can put property investors at quite a disadvantage when trying to work with traditional lenders.


Commercial Direct has become very helpful for Texas investors who struggle to work with banks. In a recent case study in Sinton, Texas, a seasoned investor was looking to purchase a multifamily property.  At first the investor went to their bank, as they had a pre-existing relationship, but the request was denied because the property failed to meet the bank’s loan size requirement.  Fortunately, the mortgage experts at Commercial Direct were not burdened with the same limitation.  In this case, the investor was able to obtain the funding needed without even having to provide tax returns.


The above is just one recent example of the many success stories Commercial Direct helped investors create in Texas.  Those interested in creating a success story of their own can learn more at


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Commercial Direct is a division of Silver Hill Funding, LLC, a direct commercial mortgage lender that provides investors and small business owners with customizable commercial mortgages tailored to fit their unique needs. Commercial Direct’s online loan customizer enables borrowers to adjust numerous aspects of their loans to finance commercial real estate or multi-unit properties starting at $250,000. More information and online Commercial Direct mortgage loans are available at




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