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Climate is saved. UN-SDG-13 done. Thanks to astronomy

The climate is saved! UN-SDG-13 done. The salvation comes from astronomy. Because: Capital fails.

Acting for the climate, the 13th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations – UN-SDG 13

The climate is saved! The salvation comes from astronomy. Because: Capital fails.

The climate is saved … . The failure of capital, however, is currently only an „optical illusion“: that of e.g. the „view“ of the climate activists.

Before the weather-climate hurricanes can be stopped, the capital-climate water vortices must be relativized. Capital „climate“ (mood) has become increasingly harsh. And the capital-climate water vortex is getting bigger and more powerful – and reaches more and more areas that are sucked in and destroyed. Similar to a black hole in the universe that can destroy anything if it becomes too powerful.
The earth currently has TWO(!) „CLIMATE“ problems. The WEATHER and the CAPITAL. WEATHER is a (symbolic) hurricane that destroys the atmosphere with its air flow – and vents everything into the universe. And CAPITAL is (symbolically) a vortex of water (centralized capital concentration) that absorbs all the water (money) of all oceans (markets), destroys the earth’s crust („real“ base) – and everything get very hot with the embers (overheating) of the magma (speculative bubbles) and is crushed (speculative bubbles burst). Both problems can be quickly relativized – and everything can be saved. With solutions from mathematical/physical astronomy.*4

I.)Thoughts on the capital model

Capital has given a lot to humanity – and is still a good basis for prosperity. However, this basis can and must be optimized. Because the „phenomenon of capital“ has become independent. Capital is destroying many things because no one can oppose its rules. Our criticism is therefore (hardly) a criticism of the actors, but (rather) of the system errors that lead to – or force – misconduct. Capital is like a force of gravity that we hardly feel, but to which we submit. Mass attracts mass. Forces attract forces. Capital attracts capital. Primarily the smaller from the bigger one. Accordingly, our most sustainable solution comes from astronomy: relativity.*4
– It is important to relativize capital – not to destroy it!
– It is important to restore a balance. Because when one factor of the equation goes out, becomes zero (climate, people, broad prosperity), then the other side of the equation also expires. Because if only one person is rich, no one can buy his products anymore. Then capital also implodes. That cannot be intentional. But the growing water vortex or the black hole leads to this.
– If our Sun becomes too big (+ 400%, in 5 billion years), then it implodes in the context of a supernova at its own gravity. Then the earth also dies. But while the supernova is part of the growth process of space, the death of the climate on Earth would also be the death of humanity. In a few years. Bye-bye to prosperity. Forever.
Capital as such is currently extremely successful:
– Capital has e.g. managed to position many aspects that benefit it (e.g. as demand) as the most important goals, at the very front, within the UN SDGs*². This positioning took place – although it has been clear for decades that capital cannot fulfill. This means that it is shifted to politics – although not much has been achieved with development policy for decades. The goals remain important. But no one acts – and no one is liable(!).
– The UN SDG Goal 13, Climate*1, ranks only 13th, followed only by even more distant aspects, such as „peace“ (rearmament is called for) or „partnerships“ for the goals (too great conflicts of interest – even within the G20, as became clear in the 11-2021 „summit“).
– An exit clause was also achieved by the capital – as with any bank loan: no definitive commitment. In good years you are not obliged to commit (as it has been since 2016 …) – and in bad times withdrawal is allowed – without consequences for capital.
– Capital dominates many areas of life – all over the world. If a good return could be achieved from the climate, capital would also invest here. However, yields are currently the most lucrative in the speculative sector. Much more lucrative than any production investment, especially since the latter with increasing (!) poverty (PS: Goal 1 of the SDGs is „no poverty“ …) have become riskier. Climate? Too far away!
– Capital has developed its own (attraction) force – similar to gravity. However, this capital gravity is in the process of evolving into a gravitational force similar to that of „black holes“. Everything is attracted to the capital juggernaut – and destroyed! Also the climate. And humanity. What a pity. Also a pity for capital, because without humans this model would not exist at all – and it disintegrates with the collapse of climate and man.
– Capital is „only“ a thought model. However, this thought model is so powerful that not even the G20 heads of state can comment on a climate commitment. And commitments are minimal, later relativized, postponed or deleted. NO compromising statement on the climate target at the G-20-climate „summit“ (better: G-20 „abyss“?!) is frightening. „Not a word!“ – „Speaks volumes“!. Capital has other interests.
– Interestingly, capital is (also) a dominant aspect in parallel worlds: i.a.: private economy; state economy; (stock) exchanges; marriages/ partnerships; non-profit organizations; bad banks; hidden (sovereign) debts; hidden (indirect) „rescues“, subsidies and guarantees; In Singapore, Luxembourg, Switzerland & Co., hidden development funds in government member accounts (according to the Bertelsmann Foundation); whatever-it-takes central bank money production; book „value“ production in speculative bubbles; religion; „underground worlds“; and so on. And in each of these parallel worlds there are different rules – each with great sustainability … With a sustainability that the so-called „Sustainability Goals“ of the United Nations can only dream of.
– The other parallel worlds have continuously built up their „capital“ basis – with and thanks to different rules, such as i.a. different „currencies“, such as i.a.: … dollars, euros, etc.; tax advantages; inheritance laws; commitment clauses; state guarantees; bad-bank book money; faith; debt decrees, offerings, donations; extortion, violence, murder, absolute submission, etc. .

So, why not create a new parallel world, with new really good sustainable rules and from which (almost) all other capital worlds above mentioned also may benefit?:


II.) Thoughts on a better climate model

(1.) Curing the symptom – with similar tools

1. The current „tools“ are currently still primarily capital-oriented – and not really 17-UN-SDG-oriented. Curing established(!) aspects and symptoms are extremely lengthy, although many things seem simply feasible:
a. Not a single country maintains a counter-account in its gross social product (GNP) accounts, which lists the damage caused by the achievement of the „flaunted“ GNP. And this despite the fact that the destruction could very easily be deducted from GNP, especially on the basis of imported goods (raw materials) or import-taxes or pre-tax basis. Also, (at least partially) in addition to the commodity price, a (climate) compensation (a percentage rate that includes the climate-destruction-level of the respective country) could be imposed.
i. On the one hand, this compensation could benefit projects to optimize the climate or the deprived developing countries.
ii. On the other hand, this levy would reduce the competitiveness of the polluting country. Capital understands this language – and could thus be prompted to optimize its production and its environmental ranking.
However, the facts are: …
iii. The environmental damage is ignored today as well as, for example, the atrocities of former powers against the (origin) inhabitants of those countries that were conquered and exploited … . Our children will confront us with similar aspects later!
iv. Today, reparation payments only work for weak victims who are hardly (still) living, with minimal excuses and only with small amounts.
v. But climate and environmental destruction do not die away, like people who would have to be compensated.
vi. Climate lives on – and never forgets! What you don’t want to include in the BNP now no longer needs to be included in „bad banks“ balance sheets at some point. Because the real climate is developing into an opponent who cannot be „booked away“, who can no longer be stopped. Because climate damage does not minimize over the years – like dying people who have been harmed. If we don’t change a lot NOW, then the climate will change everything!
vii. No matter what the „purified“ figures from GNP or nicely spoken environmental activities represent. Climate aspects are physical(!) processes that you just can’t get out of at a certain point. Climate aspects are not marketing stories or political shows. Climate is real.
viii. When a star has approached too close to a black hole, and has too little own(!) „power“ remaining (i.a. speed), there is no going back. It will be destroyed, no matter what is done „at the last minute“. Climate must have enough power, i.e. be a model with enough momentum to be able to stand up to the destructive gravitational interests of the capital models. There can and must be a fair coexistence. Otherwise our downfall will come.
ix. Climate is a physical force that is many times stronger than the capital models of humanity. Arrogance, power, profiling, ignorance and incompetence have always destroyed a lot. Also in terms of climate.
x. If the TIME for the climate dying (also climate is an astronomical dimension and can not escape the time-forces**) has come in its present form … , if the negative „material“ aspects (including CO2 or methane) gain the upper hand in the climate, over the „energetic“ aspects (e.g. forests, harvests, life) of the climate, then there is no turning back. Then life on Earth will die, at least as we know it. (** We have been able to represent the generally valid relationships between astronomy and its correlations earth. We „transferred“ our mathematical and physical/astronomical TIME-, SPACE- and DYNAMIC-RELATIVITY- formula-inventions*4 – see also books: AstronTimeOnomy, AstronSpaceOnomy and AstronEfficiencyOnomy)
xii. Not even „development aid“ – by the way, only a fraction of the climate damage currently caused – is aimed at repairing this damage, but rather at doing only the bare necessities to stabilize the decapitated countries – also so that industrialized countries capital and GNP can continue to grow. And also in the hope that purchasing power will arise there, to which the capital products can be sold.
However, the „stabilization“ of the „status quo“ in the developing countries is more important than „potential“ purchasing power of the future, or a slightly better prosperity for 80% of the population. Climate? Too far away. Not for nothing…
i. the development funds „seeped“ in Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Co will not be confiscated. And the rulers and owners of these funds in the developing countries will continue to be supported – to stabilize the region. Yes, stabilization is good. But general prosperity would be better.
ii. in times of crisis, subsidy projects & funds are quickly scaled back, since the purchasing power in the industrialized countries is many times higher (and closer…) than that potential purchasing power in the developing countries, even in times of crisis;
iii. it is primarily important to secure the (raw material) resources in order to be able to serve the purchasing power in the industrialized countries.

b. As long as climate does not play a significant – gross national product (GNP)-reducing(!) – role in GNP, the monetary-political aspect of a strong (e.B.) Dollars (because of good GNP) are more important than the climate-damage that will only be seen later. Because it is (also) about today(!) – to keep happy the own resident clientele (voters/ donors) with cheap products from a strong dollar, with cheap imports. And to „supply“ one’s own sponsoring clientele (industry) with good profits. And with the profits from a strong dollar, you can over-compensate for the export disadvantages of a strong currency – with corresponding influence on decision-makers.

c. And so it happens that …
i. one of the richest countries in the world lands on the very last place in the ranking of CO2 emissions: USA
ii. the heads of government of the G-20 countries do not succeed in co-opting towards climate goals.
iii. only 3 of the 200 countries have so far (after 6 years) officially earmarked funds for the 17 SDG goals in their budgets
iv. other powers (China, Russia) with other „values“ „score“ better. They compete with better acute(!) stimulations. With real necessary aspects (logistics, ports, bridges, pipes, loans, raw material purchase guarantees) which the „saturated“ or crisis-plagued industrialized countries do not want to or can no longer give any more. Also, the industrialized countries are not allowed to act everywhere because of self-imposed capital formalisms. The „democracy“ of the West, which is held in such high esteem, is only a vision, which is currently established primarily in industrialized countries. And „freedom“ and „prosperity“ have also been only a vision for developing countries for many decades, which could not yet be achieved with the capital models. Who can blame it if some rulers try out other „values“ – or many people have to flee out of necessity and want to establish themselves in better worlds?!

(2.) The marketing approach – climate is a „good“, a product.

Why not create a marketing plan (with the 6 P’s) for this – instead of just non-binding texts in non-binding sustainability goals – or instead of just making demands on the others. With good marketing arguments, you can convince many to break new ground – and to get environmentally harmful states, regions, industries and companies to optimize their processes.
The „Instruments“: 1. Product (Product & Assortment) 2. Price (Price & Conditions) 3. Place (Areas & Distribution) 4. Promotion (Advertising & Penetration) 5. People (Polluters & Maintainers) 6. Power („Capital“ and „Currency“).
While under 1. to 5. you can quickly imagine many aspects, 6. is about a basis that can – and must – be built parallel to the established parallel capital-worlds! Because without their own „capital“ and without their own „currency“ basis, which function independently (!) from the other existing parallel worlds, many of the current approaches will fail: increasingly rarely called (Fridays for Future), postponed (SDGs: from 2030 to 2050 (i.a. China) up to 2070 (India) …), un-finite climate conferences (currently no. 26, after 25 un-successful meetings: COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference) and finally forgotten because of „other priorities“.
The combination of marketing and applicable astronomy aspects promises in any case that the climate also has a chance to be better positioned – and more sustainably pursued. In order to start immediately, at short notice, however, another cheat package is probably the most promising in today’s capital world – but this is not sustainable.

(3.) The SDG bank – approach – based on the „bad-bank“-model.

Bad banks are an instrument that Germany introduced retrospectively after its own fiasco (also because of an extremely conservative Bundesbank) of NOT providing cash flow (when the world urgently needed cash flow – and all central banks around the world provided cash flow). Bad banks were supposed to compensate for what was previously destroyed by cash flow deficiency. Too late for many at that time. Hopefully, now, in time for the climate!
The bad bank instruments have also recently proven themselves in the case of special depreciation at car companies, to „enable a balance sheet adjustment“ – for the purpose of switching to electric drives. The capital commitment in old production facilities could now be „parked“ in bad banks in order to no longer negatively affect the („old“) balance sheets. And in order to be able to tackle „new ways“, i.e. sources of finance without „legacy burdens“. This means that the know-how about „bad banks“ can also be used to provide capital for the climate. Parallel to the other current capital worlds. And it would also benefit these parallel capital worlds. Thus, such a short-term model would have a good chance of survival in today’s capital-dominated world. However, it is not sustainable. However, these (bad banks) should now be called Best-Bank or SDG-Bank or Clime-Bank.

Nevertheless. The solutions from (1) curing symptoms, (2) marketing approach and (3) bad bank approach are suboptimal. And Albert Einstein once put it very accurately: „You can’t solve a problem with the same tools that caused it!“ As an alternative to the above-called „tools“, capital-market-neutral(!), independent „tools“ could be implemented.
The first economic model ever comes from a doctor: Francois Quesnay. His „physiocratic“ economic model was based on his knowledge of the bloodstream. So why not implement a new „physiocratic“ economic model based on astronomy laws?

(4.) The astronomy approach

The universe is the prime example of long-term survival. The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, now has a diameter of 50 billion light years, it is still growing, it is growing faster and faster – and it is growing with % much fewer major crises than the models of the so-called „Homo Sapiens“. So why not learn from the universe?! Thought, done.
In our book trilogy*³ ( 1) AstronTimeOnomy, 2) AstronSpaceOnomy and 3) AstronEfficiencyOnomy ) we present a model that can be built on top of the existing capital model. It optimizes the capital model without destroying it: GlobalOnomy: The worldwide optimization of: Economy & Currency, Knowledge & Wisdom, Peace & Freedom, Prosperity & Health, as well as Common Good & Sustainability …
… and now also Climate & Environment. One can certainly fall back on the extensive solutions of the book AstronTimeOnomy – and not only provide people, as described in the book, but also a project, climate, with a basis that is sufficient to achieve the set climate goals! And the alternative currency presented there would be optimal for people and projects.
When something new (a new star) is created in the universe, it gets the energy for its (!) own (!) whole (!) life at the beginning(!), in its creation. With this energy the star can go its own(!) way, as Albert Einstein discovered. People and projects should also be able to go their own „ways“ in order not to always be overwhelmed by other interests.

All the talk of SDG 2030 goals or 26.(!) Climate meetings will lead to (nearly) nothing, as the past has already shown. We absolutely need new instruments (!), parallel to the current capital world. We recommend the instruments from the factual(!), all dominating(!), mathematical/ physical(!) astronomy. Because climate is more real, and in the medium term more powerful and potentially more deadly, than capital, faith, coercion or power.
However, the short-sightedness of mankind and the yield constraints and gravitational forces of capital are more dominant in the short term. This conflict must be resolved in order to avoid a medium-term catastrophe.

As shown at the beginning, the earth currently has TWO(!) „CLIMATE“ problems. The WEATHER and the CAPITAL. The weather-climate-cyclone and the capital-climate-water-vortex. These are two vicious circles that are developing apart. And each one of them expands (almost) inexorably. Like in the universe, this is a black hole on one „side“ – and on the other „side“ the „space“, the expansion.
Both are extreme forces. And we were able to show that gravity and space extrapolated are similar, with the same power, E, as Einstein’s energy from the simple relativity. And while Einstein represents the „now“ (5% of the energy forces of space), we now have developed the „dynamic relativity“ – and can now also consider other time-aspects, the „now“, the „was“ and the „will be“. We have deciphered 95% of the current „dark“ forces: 23% „dark matter“ (Why don’t the planets circulate around their star faster than they should be able to do?) and 72% „dark energy“ (Why is the universe growing faster than it should be able to do?).
In the universe, space is currently gaining (expansion). The black holes seem to be only smaller points, mostly in the center of galaxies. On Earth, unfortunately, the gravity of capital – the „black holes“ – is currently gaining. The „space“ is getting tighter and tighter for everything else. Also for the climate, whose air, if it goes on like today, will disappear into the universe. And while our „dynamic relativity“ works perfectly in the universe, it only leads to suboptimal results with terrestrial aspects. On Earth, capital destroys the balance of power.

The dimensions or variables „space“, „time“ and „matter“ differ extremely in our hurricane and water-vortex. Because, while the „cyclone“ is real existing matter (air, water, earth), the „water-vortex“ is primarily a mental „matter“: capital. As well the (force of) „time“ differ in both models: capital wants no time at all, always needs quicker successes; and weather and environment needs time to recover. And so does „space“: hurricanes distribute from one point to far away areas (like the force of „space“ does with the galaxies); water-vortex concentrate, if there is a hole, all the water in that hole (like black-holes in universe). Capital and Climate are too different to match each other. 25 Climate-Meetings have shown enough. We need extreme changes to our systems in order to survive!
When capital becomes zero when a speculative bubble bursts, none of all prosperity remains. Because if you multiply zero by something else (i.a. price for the purpose of determining value), the result is still zero – because everyone is poor after a major crisis and hardly anyone can buy anything. The rest, including the climate, is and will remain destroyed. There will then be no more money to save the climate.
Our invention, „Dynamic relativity“, must be taken into account in the capital models. The total energy is limited. If capital destroys something somewhere (uses matter), capital must compensate for it, in order to restore the equilibrium (!). To save the „real climate“, something must be found, that is compatible with the „capital climate“. We have a solution – that capital also likes – in our trilogy: GlobalOnomy (AstronTimeOnomy, AstronSpaceOnomy and AstronEfficiencyOnomy) which we recommend to all those who are interested in deeper contexts. Just to get you curious …
With our model all mankind will be wealthy, starting at birthtime (just like the stars get their energy for all their existence when they come into being) – in a parallel model to capital. And if all mankind is (among many other aspects) wealthy, some of the solution-aspects will be like …
-that would be good for capital as well, as there will be a big demand
-but being wealthy, the Maslow-Pyramid will be turned around and most people will be wise and transcendent (not the religious meaning here)
-the former tree-feller now may switch to nature-conservationist
-Capital may care more for climate, as there is enough demand for survival and profit. But more than profit, mankind will have a big requirement towards capital: either companies care for climate or their products will not be bought any more. That is a language, capital understands. And being wealthy, mankind can afford higher prices for a climate-saving production. And being transcendent, the last will be a top requirement.
-Our climate will be saved.
Thank you very much for your interest and stay healthy – as well your (environmental) world.

Albert Bright

*1 13. Climate Action
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries
Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning
Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning
Implement the commitment undertaken by developed-country parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to a goal of mobilizing jointly $100 billion annually by 2020 from all sources to address the needs of developing countries in the context of meaningful mitigation actions and transparency on implementation and fully operationalize the Green Climate Fund through its capitalization as soon as possible
Promote mechanisms for raising capacity for effective climate change-related planning and management in least developed countries and small island developing States, including focusing on women, youth and local and marginalized communities * Acknowledging that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the primary international, intergovernmental forum for negotiating the global response to climate change.

*² The 17 UN SDGs are goals that the international community set itself in 2016. This happened within the framework of the „United Nations“ UN (United Nations Organization), to which 193 states belong. (The individual targets can also be found on: www.world-wide-wealth.com/engagement ). All these 17 objectives are – with 193 participating states – naturally only a „minimum consensus“, the lowest common denominator, a compromise. And today, 5 years after their ablution,
1. not even the first 2 main goals – „no poverty“ and „no hunger“ – are achieved
2. there are only 2 states that have officially named the goals in their budget planning
3. there are no really binding measures – and hardly any effective cooperation
4. there are still no sanctions for non-fulfillments
5. development aid funds remain at minimum levels
6. world development funds remain far behind the national „defense“ expenditure
7. tax and money washing oases remain untouched (Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg, …)
8. Non-profit organizations, which could extremely help to achieve all these goals, play only a mini-role:
a. Too little donations are made, although (e.B. in Germany): i. 40% of the population (from 14 years) is engaged in charitable activities ii. 7.5% of the working time is used for charitable purposes iii. 18% (600,000) of all „companies“ are non-profit organizations
b. The will is there – but is „systemically“ blocked by the above-mentioned „capital vicious circles“.
c. We now „crack“ the knot: With GlobalOnomy.

*3 . „GlobalOnomy“* is our trilogy to optimize our world. Astronomy-rules* to optimize our world. With GlobalOnomy we optimize: Economy & Currency, Knowledge & Wisdom, Peace & Freedom, Prosperity & Health, as well as Common Good & Sustainability – worldwide! In our books, we reverse the capital-market laws 180 degrees.
1. Liberte, egalite, Fraternite already existed as targets in 1790. These three top goals of the French Revolution are not presented at all or only in a hint in the 17 UN SDGs from 2016. What a pity. With our GlobalOnomy model, we (also) achieve these 3 goals AND supplement them with „Realizabilite“ – with feasibility aspects that the universe is showing us.
2. We eliminate poverty, hunger and more. All people worldwide become rich, full and happy. With „only“ one(!) Astronomy „rule“ use, we achieve ALL 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. And far more than just these 17 SDG minimum targets on a minimum compromise basis! Well before 2030.
3. With 10 other top rules, we consolidate and expand the achievements of the first rule.
4. There will be (soon) only wealthy people, worldwide! And those who are wealthy will educate themselves and can eat and live healthy lives. Epidemics are avoided.
5. There are (soon) only transcendent people left, worldwide! If you do not have to constantly fight for your survival, or don“t have to make a name for yourself (since everyone is rich now), you can take care of others and other things.
6. All people are focused on sustainability. Because everyone is educated – and knows that this world only exists once. And also, because they can afford sustainable products – and will demand and consist on them.
7. We rotate the Maslow pyramid of needs vertically by 180 degrees. All people are so wealthy that they – like the wealthier people of today – can and will take great care of social aspects – and will think and act transcendently. The lower Maslow levels, which in today’s capital models provide for existential and profiling struggles, will hardly exist any more.
8. No wealthy person goes to war – or has to leave his family nor homeland, purely out of need for money.
9. Profiling neurotic, power addicts and/or warlike leaders have no chance with an intelligent and wealthy liberal population.
10. Finally, the long-awaited surge in demand arises.
11. However, the new demand does not go in the direction of cheap/mass-produced goods, but is, as with all wealthy people, very individual. The destructive cheap trend is broken.
12. The rules of constant demand ensure predictability and sustainability. worldwide.
Astronomy-rules will save our world. We have summarized our findings in 3 books (each in German and English): In the GlobalOnomy trilogy:
DE: AstronZeitOnomie, AstronRaumOnomie, AstronEffizienzOnomie
GB: AstronTimeOnomy, AstronSpaceOnomy, AstronEfficiencyOnomy

*4 We have invented the FORMULAS of TIME, SPACE, DARK MATTER, DARK ENERGY, DYNAMIC RELATIVITY, … – and thus solved the mysteries around „DARK MATTER“ (23% of the previously unknown forces: Why don’t the planets circulate around their stars faster than they should be able to?) and „DARK ENERGY“ (72% of the previously unknown forces: Why does the universe grow faster than theoretically possible?). We are now using all these insights and existing knowledge to optimize our world. See: www.world-wide-wealth.com


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