Breaking News: Ebizz Infotech has added 5 Complimentary Features in “My Stuff Organizer” App!

UNITED STATES – May 16, 2019: “My Stuff Organizer” is one of the most amazing apps of Greencom EbizzInfotech, a leading IT company which serves its customers since the last 10 years. It always comes up with some innovative ideas and executes them through their stunning Android and iOS apps.

This Personal Organizer App is available on Play Store since a long time. The developers of this extraordinary app have recently added 5 remarkable features in this Storage Organizer App and have made it a unique one on the Play Store! They have included these features in order to fulfill the requirements of user demand.

The main purpose of this app is to help people to track their stuff i.e. to keep an eye on their personal things from anywhere! Users can keep a record of any kind of stuff, let it be, grocery, medicines, jewelry, clothes/apparels, shoes/sneakers, furniture, vehicles, office stuff, credit/debit cards, animals/pets, and much more!

Users have to add some details of their goods and chattels, such as the name of a thing along with its photo, category, Purchase Date, Warranty Details, Price and extra notes (if any) like shop name, discount rate, or anything else.

Check out the newly added 5 features:

1) Edit Stuff Category:

➺ Now, users can add a preferable category of a thing, to easily identify them from so many stuff details. They have to select the most suitable category icon from the given list, and then give it an appropriate label, so that they can easily understand which kind of stuff is listed in a particular category.

2) Warranty Reminder:

➺ Some things have a guarantee or warranty period, but it is always difficult to remember it. Keep this thing in mind, Ebizz Infotech has added Warranty Reminder feature in this app. It will notify users before the warranty of particular stuff is going to expire!

3) Total Expense Calculation:

➺ This inventory control app helps users to keep their hands tight during shopping, by giving them the exact calculation of total expense they have done on various stuff! Also, users have a facility to add price details in their own preferred currency.

4) Stuff Details Sharing:

➺ The stuff details can be easily shared with anyone using the “Share” option. So, if users want to share the details of any stuff with another person, then they can easily send it.

5) Backup & Restore Data:

➺ There is a facility of ‘Backup Data’ & ‘Restore Data’. So users can take a back up of all stuff details to their Gmail account and restore it anytime, whenever they are changing their device!

All these stunning features and more are accessible through this “My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management” app, which makes it unique amongst many of the storage organizer apps! This stuff manager app will surely help an individual to keep a track of their stuff in the quick and easiest way!

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