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Alexander Oelfke, CEO of SKYGROUND Group, announces the Group“s new direction in an interview with BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG

The rise of technology stocks continues under the leadership of the Nasdaq technology exchange on Wall Street; quarterly figures and investor confidence in interest rates are rising. In the past year, the situation was reversed: while the Dow Jones had held up comparatively well, the Nasdaq 100 slumped by around a third; now the tide has turned.

Despite a challenging market environment, the industry is on an upward trend and is likely to experience significant growth in the coming years driven bythe increasing adoption of new and innovative technologies into our daily life. This is expected to significantly increase the demand for tech stocks in the near future.

In an interview with stock market analysts from BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG, Alexander Oelfke, CEO of the globally operating SKYGROUND Group, announced the new focus of the organization. SKYGROUND will continue to create highly effective access to the capital markets through innovative research and development work by providing its partners with modern FinTech technologies. Since its inception, the group has built a strong network and further increased its value through advanced technology.

With a wealth of experience in capital markets gained at companies such as Commerzbank and, as well as other international financial firms, Alexander Oelfke brings a deep BDSwiss understanding of future technologies, „The primary objective of SKYGROUND is to consistently deliver exceptional technologies to our partners, while fulfilling our commitment to being a facilitator for success in diverse markets. SKYGROUND has invested significant resources in research and development to find a solution that will improve access to capital markets. I am proud that SKYGROUND is able to offer comprehensive solutions to all partners, from mobile banking, trading, to digital asset management and support – in short, a one-stop-shop.“

Blockchain technologies and metaverses are seen as the future of how we interact with the world. This makes it a promising area of focus for many companies in the industry. The metaverse will not only change the way we work and interact, but will also open up new opportunities for collaboration, creativity and innovation as well as create new possibilities for those who are able to adapt and evolve.

„Apple has been long involved with Artificial Intelligence start-ups, Microsoft is among the early investors in OpenAI, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the most vocal about the future of the Metaverse. The market is rapidly consolidating in this regard as companies and developers join forces to harness the power of the metaverse; this is where people talk about advanced AI technologies to create a more connected, intelligent future – a place where interactive internet experiences are enabled through virtual parallel worlds for human engagement.“

SKYGROUND is actively exploring the potential of the metaverse, working with several partners to develop innovative technology solutions in line with „Made in Germany“ requirements, including areas of blockchain technology, crypto-robotic modules and artificial intelligence.

Alexander Oelfke emphasizes: „We are currently working on a revolutionary pilot project in the area of Metaverse. I am confident that we will be able to announce something truly groundbreaking in the near future.“

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