A spinal cord injury is caused by a trauma and its recovery needs to be taken seriously. Depending on where the spinal cord and nerve roots are damaged, this injury can be painful or it can provoke paralysis and even incontinence. Mostly, the spinal injury requires physical therapy and rehabilitation. Neuroxcel is the only facility in Florida to offer robotic-assisted gait training and functional movement exercises to regain your strength and walk again, without any pain.

The program that the specialists offer here is innovative and it has already proved the best results for injuries of this kind. The conventional treatment is less effective and sometime the patient doesn’t fully recover from such trauma.

This is why, the Neuroxcel facility offer a program for people to regain their strength in their bodies so they can be ready for a possible cure.

The program that Neuroxcel offer to rehabilitate the patients is called C.A.S.T. With this program, the spinal cord injury is likely to be treated entirely.

C.A.S.T. works in four areas to improve the chance of healing. First area represents the intensive care and work for the three primary muscle groups of the body, upper, core and lower extremity, so that the muscles are kept toned and flexible. The second step of the program consists in robotic and manual gait training for your back training. Afterwards, the patient is having repetitive muscle group workouts so that the pattern movements are retrained and the neural plasticity is facilitated. The last step of the program is strengthening the core, offering flexibility and maximum personal independence.

While the traditional rehabilitation facilities offer a lot of limitations, Neuroxcel is the one facility that is specialized in functional movement training that focuses on building strength, flexibility and independence by removing all those limitations one at a time.

The first care of people with a spinal cord injury should be the enhanced care for their bodies and the prevention of muscle and bone atrophy and other changes that are necessary to restore function. People need to train with disciplined exercises that can keep their muscles and bones flexible, to care for their skin, bladder and intestines. Also, people should avoid medical procedures that can cause irreversible loss of peripheral nerve and other functions. It is very important that people do not neglect their brain, the most important part of their body.

The patients that are accepted into the program must commit to at least three months of intensive training in the C.A.S.T. This makes possible that the muscles are intensively worked. Exercising is a difficult thing for people who are paralyzed and special equipment can be used to make muscle exercises. If people would do exercises for a month or two every year, then they should be trained effectively in an intensive training. During the rest of the year, they can keep what they have gained by dedicating one or two hours a day to do exercises. Although there have been few formal studies on the subject, many people have reported a significant increase in the circumference of their legs when they used functional electrical stimulation regularly. It also improves cardiovascular function and stimulation can reduce spasticity.

Neuroxcel offers hope for people with stroke, spinal cord injury, or traumatic brain injury to regain strength and independence through recovery and rehabilitation. Neuroxcel’s Comprehensive Activity-based Strength Training (C.A.S.T®) Recovery and rehabilitation program maximizes individual results. More information visit http://neuroxcel.com/

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