The Advance Auto Engineering (AAE) recently announced its new program to students, professionals, car owners and fans for the free calculators. The company owned by Mr. Adam Brown made public their project via one of the social media sites for the fans to grab the gift while the promo is still on. Readers and followers can simply click on the “like” button to qualify for the free calculator.

Its mechanics are made easy for all. In one of the comments in the social media sites, one follower mentioned the free calculator comes with no purchase or cash shell out. The calculator is “It is totally free” according to one Ms. Turner, one of the first few persons who received its free calculator after ordering it online. The colors to pick are blue and red but currently the red-colored calculator is out of stock. This is also shipped for free; however, the delivery date varies. In one of the comments in the social media sites, the delivery can take up to six weeks depending on the location of the addressee.

The handy calculators that the Advance Auto Engineering is giving out for free are not exclusive for the company’s clientele but for any fan who simply hit on the “like” button and become one of the company’s “friend” in the social media site. The free calculator comes with a notepad, which can be handy for shopping according to, Ms. Krhon, who already received her free calculator with the notebook early March of this year. Moreover, the free calculator is also “great for kids,” stated one of the fans who as well received her gift.

The company, Advance Auto Engineering centers its services on assisting client concerning auto parts and supplies, auto detailing and auto glass services. The one-stop shop for auto detailing and repair provides cutting edge yet personalized solution to its customer. Mr. Adam Brown, the working owner of the company also provides on site installation. Among its onsite, installations are the following services: headlight protection film, clear bra, and HID conversion kit and window tint. Moreover, the company provides immediate price quote for every service offered or car owners can contact AAE for personalized auto jobs.

Mr. Brown owner of the Advance Auto Engineering Company has been providing free gifts to its clients and fans. Furthermore, l November 2012, the company initiated the “free car snow brush” in time during the holiday season. Prior to that month, in September of 2012, the company also shipped out at least 49400 of free micro-fiber cloth to its fans across the US. The gift promo that the company initiated is to strengthen its presence to its existing and potential clients, as mentioned it the company’s social media page.

From its previous location in Alhambra, the company now has moved to a new address to provide a wider scope of auto services. Advance Auto Engineering is located at 17605 Fabrica Way Unit-C, Cerritos CA 90703. The company is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6pm and closes on Sunday. Clients can reach their office at 626-808-7756. Additionally, clients can directly click on the Facebook page at to join the company’s promo for a free calculator and for other upcoming promotions.

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17605 Fabrica Way Suite C, Cerritos, California 90703

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