Guangdong China – Aluminum can be effectively recycled from aluminum dross through a mechanical process. The latest hot dross processing process, allows recovering majority of the aluminum metal without much wastage as aluminum is valuable metal. For effective aluminum recovery, order high quality Aluminium dross processing machine at Brightstar aluminum machinery.

Prior to the invention of aluminum dross processing machine, recovery of aluminum from dross was associated with number of disadvantages. The older recovery method use to offer very low rate of recovery, is associated with dreadful pollution and requires huge manpower. Apart from all, the recovery process consumes high energy. With these limitations, the recovery rate was limited to approximately 50%.

But now there is huge revolution in the aluminum industry with the advent of dross processing machine. The new technique allows recovering almost 90% of aluminum from the dross. One of the major breakthroughs in the dross processing is temperature control. The latest technology quickly cools the temperatures and helps higher recovery percentage. Apart from all the above, the latest dross processing technology requires less human intervention and so minimal health challenges and associated tribulations.

With the growing scrap recycling industry, there is huge demand for modern techniques and machines. In the process of recycling, lots of aluminum dross is generated which needs to be recycled. Older techniques and machinery cannot recover more than 50% aluminum. But the latest dross processing machine recovers higher percentage and controls the wastage of precious aluminum metal.  The new technology and machines are designed to separate aluminum from slag and dross. The latest automated machine requires minimal energy consumption and short working hours. It is an environmental friendly machine that can control huge quantity of pollutants.

Brightstar Aluminum Machinery is a reputed and professional company in china established in the year 1998. They are specialized in producing advanced machinery like dross processing machine, dross cooling machines, polishing machine, slag processing machine, sandblasting machine etc. They offer comprehensive services to the aluminum recycling industries starting from dross processing machines to aluminum auxiliary equipment. Apart from machinery supply, they serve as professional consultants. Compared to other Aluminium dross processing machine  machinery equipments, Brightstar machineries are relatively low priced.

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